Frame traps. What are they and how do they apply in combat?

Ive heard people say a balrog was not good because he didnt use any frame traps or tick throw mixups. I know what a tick throw is but what is a frame trap? What are some examples of frame traps and how are they used in a match? Also what are your fav/best tick throw mixups/setups?

I can do all the combos and stuff and feel that i have a good foundation for my balrog. Now i just need to add the mixups and stuff that wins matches. Thanks in advance fellow rog players.

frame trap is where you do a move that leaves you at a frame advantage then you do another move afterwards that creates a hole and whatever the opp. tried to do (crouch tech, mash) will get beaten and you have yourself a free counter hit combo

cr jab leaves you at a 4 frame adv. on block. st roundhouse has 8 frame startup, so you that leaves a 3 frame hole. if i do cr jab then st roundhouse and the opponent was crouch teching or mashing, then the roundhouse will hit them and get a counter hit. thats the only one that i really use

Anyone else got any fame traps or tick throw setups?

counter hit on mc trizzle’s example also nets you +3 frame advantage, according to SF Wiki, so you can fish for that RH counterhit and combo that into sweep

correct me if i am wrong, counterhit RH into Sweep is a 3 frame link

c.jab, then either close s.fierce or far s.fierce.
cl.s.fierce starts up in 5 frames, while far s.fierce starts up in 9. so it’s slower than s.rh, but on counterhit, you can link s.fierce into far s.jab into special or sweep. mind you it is a hard 1 frame link.

cr. jab(blocked), cr. forward (counter hits), cr. strong into dash straight. …cr. jab(blocked), st. RH (counter hits) , cr. strong into dash straight. … many more possibilities. just learn your frame data. you can do any of these from a jump in hit or on wake up or whenever you are next to them. you can even jump in RH, slight pause, st. RH (counter hits) then whatever combo after. if they are crouch teching or are mashing jab, they’ll work. just be weary of mashing dp’s lol

I was experimenting with stuff tonight and i realized that balrog’s cr.jab xx st.jab into cr/st. rh only connects on a few of the chars if they’re ducking. Is there a list anywhere of the chars it works/doesnt work on while ducking? Because if i land a crouching jab and dont have charge thats my go to combo.

It basically works on “big hitbox” characters like sagat, abel etc…

remove the st. jab… instead try using cr. forward and u can combo into cr. rh if u want a knockdown, st. rh if u just want a combo, or u can combo cr. strong into any dash punch for an extended combo (gives more time to charge too). st. jab wiffs on many chars… u just gotta try it for urself and figure out what characters u can do it on.

note: u can combo cr. jab to cr. rh (counter hit only), otherwise it has to be from st. jab

ps: the reason frame traps are also useful… they do about 20 - 25% more damage cuz of the counter hit.

The one ive seen used the most is the c.jab (blocked) pause or walk back a bit then cr.strong into dash punch. Or cr.jab wait a bit then sweep.

I’ve had some success today with cr.jab, st.rh. Caught a fair amount of people with it, seems like a nice pressure tool in the corner. I’ll be sure to try out the others mentioned in this thread. :tup:

^^like i said man, there’s many possibilities … u can just b creative and do ur own. that pause slight walk back cr. strong dash punch works too. the other one that u mentioned with the sweep since ur not hit confirming into it, u can get punished if they block it.

^ :tup:

I found c.lp, s FP is a beast, especially in the corner.