Frame Trapping for Counter-Hits

I just picked up Cody not long ago after playing Bison for a long time. One of the problems I see myself having is when I get in close after establishing a throw game I am not scoring the counter-hits I’m looking for. I am either being stand-tech thrown out of loose strings or crouch-teched leading to a short-string combo. I want to land my counter-hit, cr.hp or cl.hp combos for maximum damage, but am struggling to set them up properly. After a few failed attempts I lose my momentum and am playing a more neutral, punish based game. Has anyone else struggled with this problem or have any advice on how to keep pressure up close and score counter-hits?

if you think your opponent has a tendency to stand tech, you could try chaining jabs or even walk back a bit to space yourself properly to ensure you are out of range of their throw and then go for or down fierce ex rocks.
frame trapping is of course never guaranteed since everyone has different tendencies, but if you have a read of when they’ll press a button, then making your frame trap attempt as air-tight as possible is critical.
thats pretty much what it boils down to. experiment in training mode. something like jump in jab from a safejump, then straight into close mp or hp is one that first comes to mind. that works out for me a ton tbh.

Thanks for the tip I’ll give what you’re saying a shot!

cr.hp xx EX rocks won’t work if they’re stand teching because you won’t get a counterhit.

What I like doing against cornered opponents is whiff a move on their wake up that pushes me out of their throw range once their standing. Specifically, close MK. Do it as their rising, then you can react to their throw whiff and punish accordingly.