Frame Trapped 3 - Feedback and Discussion - Open Beta Live

Frame Trapped 3.2 is now in Open Beta.

**Frame Trapped Replay (Hitboxes On): Antimaterie (Balrog) vs FT Dude (Gouken) USF4 **


Hey all,

My name is Tom ‘Xeolleth’ Piddock. I’m the developer behind Frame Trapped, the latest installment of the SF4 Combo Trainer for PC. I am working together with Lullius from, the original wondermind behind the memory scanning in the Combo Trainer and pushing towards a goal of making the ultimate Street Fighter training suite and laboratory.

Beyond Technical: Ultra Episode 4 - Frame Trapped


I’m posting this thread so that I can get feedback from the community on the new tool, to answer any questions when I can and to generally log progress. This is my first publicly released app that I’ve done my self so please bare with me while I get used to the process.

I’ll update here as often as I can but please feel free to try out the tool and leave you feedback here.

man , sick work, this is gonna be crazy good with the new save stat option in USF4

I’m hoping so. I have no idea yet what will happen with USF4 with regards to the tool as it may use a different method to track time (frames) passing in a match.

Will be useful to learn how to block Ibukis vortex… I always get blown up by it.

Given that I have my game saved to a separate drive other than C:, I think it’d be great if you could have a dialogue on initial startup telling the user to locate their SSFIV exe to make it easier for those that store games on separate drives.

the app dosnt lunch my steam SF4 version it tells me that steam need to be running while its already running , it would be cool to have an option to locate the .exe file instead

There is a bug introduced with the Steamworks update for SSFIV.exe so we’re working on fixing that at the moment. I’ve added the setting for the location in a new tab called “Options” which will also house other settings in the future.

Cheers for the feedback so far!

Updated the first post with the current changes notes. The wonderful workers at Capcom have added Steamworks which seems to have broken the memory addresses we use, I’ll need to send an update out for when we fix this issue.

Bump for update to FrameTrapped - now at version 2.5 with some great fixes that should solve a lot of issues!

Install it from using the ClickOnce installer.

Not working here at all.

Even though it loads up Street fighter correctly, it doesn’t embed it in the Frametrapped window, and when I try to send the inputs it just gives the “The combo trainer has detected that SF4 didn’t produce any new frames…”

Just use Delayed Wake Up now. Vortex done.

Does SF4 initially load up in windowed mode? If not can you try loading the game separately first and using Alt+Enter to get it to windowed mode, exit it normally, then restart it in Frame Trapped.

Oh, now I see. I had to set the resolution on frametrapped to be the same as the in-game resolution. Now it’s working.

It isn’t working for me, when I click load/restart super street fighter 4 it popups a windows error with “frame trapped has stopped working”.
I don’t have the steam version, I have the gfwl version, how can I tell it where the street fighter exe is?
Edit: Downloaded the code and changed the lines where it called steam game by id. It now loads the ssf4.exe file directly. The game runs and is embedded correctly, but now it says the same error torgo had, that it can’t detect frames from sf4. I have the same resolution in sf4 and frame trapped, any other tip?
Edit2: Isolated the error to line 55 of sf4memory.cs, that part that says “//Error message here. (Couldn’t find the process)”. SigScan can’t find anything (returns 0). This is getting too technical, should I go to github or send you an email?

I’m getting an error whenever I try to load in a combo, the app crashes.

With GFWL being phased out it was the majority that moved to Street Fighter on Steam. As the support needed to do two separate sets of memory addresses to get the Combo Trainer to work would be far too hard to keep up with we chose to only support the Steam version. You may be able to get SSFIV in Steam using the same CD Keys you got in the original game and go from there.

We found a bug with this! We’re fixing it at the moment and I’ll send out an update that you should get automatically.

Really nice tool.
I got some problems with it though.
First of all no sounds play no matter how much I toggle them.

The other issue is that for some reason I cant save and load timelines.

Second problem isnt the biggest, but the no sound thing kinda defeats the purpose for me.

First issue is a known bug from when we started deploying with ClickOnce installers, I’m currently figuring out a fix for that.
Second issue, sorted in the next patch. Old files had some trouble parsing due to player 2 support.

That’s it now updated with sounds fixed in 2.6 - let me know if you’re still having issues.