frame data?

anyone can be post the frame data please?
thx! :wink:

It would take forever to get everything. Anything in particular you’re curious about? :m: is 6 startup, +1 on hit, -1 on block.
Perhaps the most interesting thing is the (confusingly named) Powerslash (the paper, :qcb::atk:). It’s 10 startup +8 on hit +6 on block. I still have no idea how to use it. (except against wolverine…).
I would highly recommend getting the guide.


Paper is just a visual representation of the slash, so it’s actually works in a fighting game.

Paper slash is the equivalent of Guile’s sonic boom. It’s a quick startup, quick recovery projectile that just sits there on screen and forces your opponent to try to do something to get around it. Just throw it out and see what your opponent does and react accordingly…

IMHO Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Signature Series Guide (9780744012873): BradyGames: Books

Since this is the only known source right now, and it’s a commercial product which for various (fairly good) reasons the community has decided to support, you’re not going to see it posted wholesale on the site/wiki any time soon. I recommend it, btw, it’s completely worth it.