frame data question

If a move is -5 on block and your opponent has a move that is +6 on start up that would make the punish a 1 frame link. excuse me if this question sounds redundant as it is simple math lol.

also what about if a move is -1 on block would the only way to punish that move is use a 1frame grab?

If an opponent uses a move that is -5 on block then any move that has a startup less than or equal to 5 can punish it assuming you’re in range. -1 on block moves can only be punished by 0-1 frame attacks.

Thanks AirLancer now I clearly understand.

Would you be able to give me a clear example if a move is positive on block. what would you do in that situation.

If an admin sees this please delete this because I just noticed the frame date for newbies thread…