Frame advantage-display

I made a mock-up for a “frame advantage-display” for Training mode.

I put some pretend-numbers in there (-5 and -12), but they’re obviously constantly shifting depending on what the characters do - in this example, Bison has a lot of frame advantage after his HK.

I think this would of tremendous help for all of us as players, and improve our understanding how the rules of the game.

Reminds me of the kind of thing Ive seen in Virtua Fighter. Awesome work.

Too bad I play on PS4.

It’s just a photoshop and an idea. It’s not a real thing but it would be super if Capcom could implement it.

For those who don’t know, Virtua Fighter implemented this and it’s WONDERFUL. CapcomIlluminati, plz, I want this.

Its a good idea.

I cant see the slugs at Capcom doing it (although it would be nice)… they cant even code SFV properly.

would love this

Capcom needs to put shit like this into actualy game, instead of looking for quick buck via Prima guides or similar garbage