Fourth World

Has anybody read this stuff? Apparently, Kirby’s original series is currently available in omnibus volumes, and I was thinking about checking it out. The concept seems cool, and I’m already familiar with some of the characters through their DC universe exploits.

I just won a bunch of The Fourth World books on eBay. When they arrive, I’ll check them out and report back.

Hopefully, this stuff will be worth it. I don’t know why I bid so much in the first place. I think I’m just hopelessly addicted to comics. Whatever, it’s Kirby so it can’t be that bad. Mark Evanier and J.M. DeMatteis wrote some of those later New Gods and Mister Miracle comics, too, and I like them.

As in New Gods, Forever People, and I think Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen counts too… Yeah it’s pretty good, story gets kind of out there, cause you know it’s kinda all taking place in Jack’s mind. But the art’s awesome, and it’s a pretty good read. They have Trade Paperbacks with some of the issues, so it won’t be hard to get your hands on some and try it out.

i love new gods stuff…i love the concept and the artwork…i’m still very pissed their killing all the characters off.

so much potential wasted.

omnibuses have been discussed some in the tpb thread…

Old school New Gods was the shit, I read a few issues a while back and Orion is a great character. He should come back with a big bang, not this crap so far.

I finished the first omnibus. The art was great throughout and the panel design was really cool for most of it. Sucks that DC re-drew Kirby’s Superman and Jimmy Olsen in the Jimmy Olsen books. The best book for me would be Orion, followed by Mister Miracle.