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EDIT: I found one. Thanks everyone.

check the stick builder threads.

Slots are full :frowning:

Not an HRAP, but it’ll do

I could sure sell you a HRAP 2 SA that is X360 modded for 300 haha.

/re-order another HRAP 2 SA and keep the rest!

On a serious note though, it would cost an arm and a leg for a HRAP 2 modded for X360. As mentioned, why not try Arcade In A Box? Amazing quality product, and you can make it your own with whatever parts you want, and work with Ed on art.

I have a Virtua stick high grade modded for a 360. Sanwa stick and buttons… I have 8 Hori Real Arcade / Virtua HG sticks and I like the Virtua Stick HG the best. Let me know if your interested.

Very nice. I would jump on a 360 modded VSHG in a heartbeat.

Seriously take SteveTren up on that offer.

Well that’s because I’m not much of a fan of anime and manga. So I prefer a clean layout above art and I prefer a hrap above any custom stick. Call me crazy, but everyone’s got his one thing. Above all you can still order a HRAP 3 from akihabarashop for 75usd. And if you’re a modder and you’re ordering parts anyway, the shipping won’t hurt you. But yeah, I like the VSHG too :slight_smile:

I have done this for like $35 bucks or so.

I think he meant buying an HRAP and doing the mod.

not doing mods anymore but you can expect to pay at least $70 alone to ship a vshg to the netherlands from the u.s. via usps express international which is what i found to be the cheapest with tracking and insurance.

expect to pay around $300 total if you want someone to buy a stick new, mod it with 360 pcb, and send to europe. i’ve done it a few times and only made like $40 per stick after subtracting all costs (stick/pcb/switch/headset plug/shipping/etc.)

still worth it for most international buyers since the dollar is so weak.

If you are dead set on a HRAP, maybe the possibility of looking in to getting a HRAP 3 from Playasia.com, although they seem to usually be out of stock.

I am not sure on your soldering experience, but I have soldered…3 PCB’s so far total. The X360 frogger joystick is pretty much noob proof and I honestly could not recommend it any higher. It has guide holes, so insert the wire through the holes, and just go to work. You can find the sticks frequently on ebay for around 20-25 USD. But honestly, not sure about shipping overseas, or ebay options for the Netherlands.

My current X360 stick, and probably my only, I made from scratch, including soldering that PCB, and I honestly could not be happier. (well, I shouldn’t say that, as I love my Arcade In a Box for my 360…but it has an iL comp :sad:)

If you don’t want to solder at all, you could always do the aforementioned, buy the HRAP 3 from PA, and buy a hacked and pre-wired/quick disconnect X360 PCB from here on the forums. Hozie and James123 do amazing work.

The cheapest route is of course to do all of the work yourself. Unfortunately, it will cost quite a bit to have a 3rd party do all of the work, on top of ordering from overseas, and all of the shipping costs.

But then again, I am in the U.S., so right now, a Snickers bar is almost an issue with the current state of the USD.

If you want to go the cheaper route, which would be do it yourself, honestly feel free to PM me with any questions. I will help in any way I can. :smile: