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Original title: WTB: Mad Catz TE-S side panels (any color) *** PENDING ***

As the title says, I’m looking for a set of TE-S side panels in any color; I just need the formfactor. So even a mismatched set, color-wise, is fine with me.

Let me know of a price shipped to Montreal (Canada).
Alternatively, I can trade for them with a set of white TE Round 1 sides that I have, or even some metal arcade stick panels that I have listed [here](WTS: stock/custom panels for Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3 (in Montreal)

Thanks for looking!

***** EDIT 17/03/2014 ~12:45AM EST *****
Deal pending for Soul Calibur V TE-S sides

***** EDIT 25/03/2014 *****
SCV TE-S side panels received

Some one just had a bunch of soul calibur ones. If you don’t care about Color just but some of Madcatz website

Yeah, I think they were all claimed. :slight_smile: But I’ll double-check, thanks for reminding me.

I could definitely get them from Mad Catz, but shipping is a little pricier here to Canada, and if I can get them (hopefully cheaper) from a fellow member who doesn’t need them (or would rather have the wider Rnd1/Rnd2 style ones), it’d be win-win for everyone. :smiley:

Well if you get some un damaged black ones, send them my way and ill just buy you some from

No prob.
The set that I have pending is the clear red/blue set from the Soul Calibur V stick, though.

If I recall correctly, the only way to get black ones would be from an actual SSF4 TE-S, and the Tekken Hybrid Namco stick (albeit with the Namco logo on it), right?

Correct. I have had 2 sets fall through due to damage… Sucks =( Last part I need haha. OH well.