Forum - Can be just viewed when logged in / Bug or intention?


didnt reacted so far so i hope any moderator or site admin who stumbles accros this thread might give a answer.
is it intentonal that you have to be now logged in to watch the forum and when yes, is it a temoporary or consistent thing?

It’s probably done as a counter-measure against spambots

I believe its a bug.

thx for the answer!
i hope you let someone investigatee it so that it can be fixed.

Hope it is a bug that gets fixed. Main thing is linking directly to some post to non-members is now a hassle to view tech answers, post with pictures/ideas, etc… Most people just won’t setup an account to view a post a single post.

Also I’m not sure how just viewing a post as a non registered user would be a counter measure against bots. So I have to believe it’s a bug issue that will hopefully get solved soon.

How many McRibs it takes to fix it?

It’s now fixed…so you lurkers can lurk more.

It looks like the “bug” is back…

yeah…i hope they fix it anytime soon. -.-

Looks like it’s fixed again…hopefully it sticks.