Forgotten characters

Can anybody name any characters of fgs that never show up in later games in the series for no apparent reason at all?

like for tekken:
kunimitsu, wang, ogre (but i think hes dead)

idk, norimaru?

all blade and calibur 1 characters.

so its mainly namco thats pulling this shit.
but see if you can name some.

It was around 2000 when I first got into the Neo-Geo. I wasn’t a huge fan of their fighting games. I mean, I think everyone likes Samurai Shodown. But I couldn’t get into KOF. I was just a bigger fan of Capcom fighters.

The first game I really dropped some coin on for my MVS was Mark of The Wolves and I totally loved it. I fucking loved Freeman. Kim Dong was cool, but I was all Freeman all the time.

And… you never see him in anything. I get that Rock Howard is a poster boy. But there’s been like 3 or 4 King of Fighters since MoTW.

Never any Freeman.

what are you smoking? wang?

how is he forgotten?

lennie creston, carman cole, bring back these 2 abominations of charcter design

sry, i havent played t5 in a long time. but yet again you dont see hear too much from him, cause everyones all hyped in jin, djin, kazuya and shit.

yeah, motw i heard was beast. but we only get gato, rock, and tizoc, and terry but he doesnt count.

B.Jenet and Hotaru made it into KOF so they haven’t been forgotten. And who can forget them? They’re Garou’s token whores. But more than Garou characters, Rick Strowd seriously needs to bring his fucking self back for a new SNK game.

And they badly need to bring Retsu back for a new Street Fighter.

I prefer the rick with breasts

all soul blade and calibur characters?..have you played those games?

MvC2 - Spiderman is forgotten

Tekken… It’s all about Dr. B, Gon, and Mokujin.

why is goenitz, the 2nd most bad ass kof character (next to yama) in like 3 kof games (including svc)? i love him so much

also wang is in like every tekken since he was introduced lol

why is t hawk and dee jay in NO other games (except alpha 3 console) besides SSF2T

the SF3 cast except Alex and Urien (unless you seriously want to counter Ibuki in pocket fighter), Karin, R.Mika, and quite a few others never saw light outside of their respective lines

“Back” for a new SNK game?

The dude doesn’t even EXIST in the SNK storyline. I don’t think anyone can top that level of forgotten-ness…

Ibuki’s pretty bad ass in Pocket Fighter.

pocket fighter as a game is what i was referring to.

There’s a slew of AOF and FF characters that never made it to KOF.

…Johnny Cage?

hahahaha :confused:

Yeah, but if that bitch Xiangfei can appear in KOF, so can Rick.

Johnny cage hasn’t been forgotten.

who in the fuck is amingo

guy and cody >< after a3 they never showed there face again :sad: