Forgot home button in universal build. am I going to die?

I am building a universal fightstick with the brook UFB. I only ordered a start and select button, and I will play mainly on PC but I feel like I will be unable to get onto a playstation or xbox with it because of the lack of a home button. Switch should work, but I’m here to confirm. IF it won’t work, all I need to do is order a replacement panel for my Tek case and get a third 24mm. Also, with the neutrik feed-through and the brook UFB, would I need a male/male USB-A cable as well as a male/male USB-B cable?

The brook UFB might have a key combination that acts like the home button being pressed. I know the PS360+ had it (hitting Start+Select). Might be worth looking to see if there is a similar short-cut on the UFB.

Ok, what should I search for if I want a guide on how to do it?

I would say just get rid of select. Doesn’t do anything on PS4 except share which isn’t a big deal. Home and Start will be the most useful.

The Neutrik disassembles and you can flip the connector, so that you use a short male A-B inside your casing, and you use a long male A-B from your casing to the console.

you just need share button for Brook firmware updates. In case you already updated it, there’s no use for the share button in games :slight_smile: so go for options + home

Though with PS4 you do have to update every couple months as they upgrade the system firmware. I would agree though to skip the select button and just swap wires around if you start getting timed out and need to update.

The share button might not be used on PS4 much, but you will use select on the switch a lot. You will use it on the 360, PS3 and Xbone as well. I suggest you have all 3 buttons and if PS4 is on the horizon the touchpad button is rather essential for some games.

No, “select” on PS4 is actually the touchpad button. It’s quite useful with some games using it for training mode. And others using it to replace the traditional pause menu (Samurai Shodown V Special, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, etc. - basically enhanced arcade ports).

There is a touchpad button for touchpad. I know a lot of fighters use that for reset training. Never seen the select/share button be used for anything.

Brooks uses Select as the Touchpad Click on converters, not on UFB. Maybe through some onboard configuration I’m not aware of, it is possible. The UFB has a bunch of functions and commands we rarely use.