Forget the madcatz te getting this one

This is an amazing stick… for sure im getting one


i actually have been considering getting a saulabi and modding it with korean parts from laugh, but now i’m sold. i mean, where else can i get arcade stick with five different kind of the function?

wow, thanks for posting this.


side note: I didn’t mind mine stock actually, You could do a lot worse

sorry didnt know that this was already posted… forgive me…im an 09er

This guy on the commercial made me want to b uy one so bad, I mean cmon, its human based design! But seriously, it looks nice for a stock stick

This video is a classic. I remember the first time I saw it I laughed pretty hard.

That video is funny.
Someone should make something like that for the Mad Catz joy sticks.

We do have Saulabi fans on SRK.
I am one of them, sort of, even though I use Seimitsu stuff nowadays.

Saulabi thread:

Classic lol

Thank god for human based design!