Force of Will TCG: Fairy Tales Come to Life

If you haven’t heard the news by now, in February the US was finally blessed with the release of the Force of Will TCG. It had been around for a few years in Japan but never really caught on (in fact as of now it barely has any traction over there) but caught fire in the European regions, Italy especially. But in February the first set was released…sort of. Basically we skipped a Cluster of sets and went straight to the Grimm Cluster with the Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale. After a blitzkrieg of releases for the cluster, we’ve finally caught up. As of 9/25/2015 we’re in the Alice Cluster with the release, The Seven Kings of the Lands.

Anyway, there’s a rotation not unlike other card games. 2 Clusters per rotation, 3 sets per Cluster (give or take) along with other releases, after a new cluster releases the first set the previous Cluster rotates out (or so we’ve been led to believe).

Three Clusters so far.

Valhalla Cluster (we didn’t receive this cluster in the US and honestly FOW seems eager enough to leave it behind. A couple mechanics from it were abandoned and outside of a few reprints, it’s been all but left behind)

Grimm Cluster: Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale, The Castle and the Two Towers, The Moon Priestess Returns, Millennia of Ages (a half set) and Vingolf:Engage Knights (a fixed set)

Alice Cluster: Faria/Melgis Dual Decks, The Seven Kings of the Lands, (Coming Soon: 12/11/2015) The Twilight Wanderer

How to Play:

DM073’s Ruler School -

Alexsandr’s How To Play (still being updated) -

The Lore:

Alexsandr’s Story Synopsis -

For a quick synopsis on how to play the game, it’s as so. It’s basically a redux/easier version of Magic the Gathering. There are name differences, a quick rundown.

Resonator = Creature
Spell:Chant = Sorcery
Spell:Chant:Instant = Instant
Magic Stones = Lands
Will = Mana

There are plenty more, but those are the quick ones. The main differences from this game compared to Magic are these two things really.

  1. Lands/Magic Stones don’t reside in the Main Deck but in a deck all their own called a Stone Deck. Main Deck minimum is 40 cards. Stone deck minimum is 10 (max 20).
  2. Decks are built around what’s called a Ruler. It’s not unlike a Flip Planeswalker or if you watched the Yugioh Anime, the Deck Masters from the Noah’s Virtual World Filler Arc but it’s also much different. I could go into detail, but that’s what the How to Play playlists are for.

But really, the main things to note about this game. First, the Lore. The lore is just fun as hell. Seeing all these fairy tales from our youth going into a sweeping, epic story is crazy. A grand amount of cards dictate what’s going on at each point in the story and it’s nice figuring it all out.

But secondly, and most importantly…the Art. People said good things about the Cardfight Vanguard Art but I think this blows that all away, especially since it takes a lot of characters we know about and flips them. There’s more nostalgia and familiarity with these characters which makes the art hit home a lot more. And again…it’s just beautiful. Some examples (won’t do too many so I don’t kill Mobiles).

Idk if this thread will get any traction but I did want to get it out, especially with the new set being out today. We shall see. Here’s hoping.

I played it when it first came out. I love how the mana/stone system works but that’s about it. It has essays worth of effects like CV! And YGO (which I played both extensively)

I’d just rather be an old man and play Pokemon or DBZ. The most I have to read is a few sentences. Lol

I’m just glad it doesn’t play like Weiss Schwartz. That game is straight booty.

The fuck is up with Joan of Arc’s armor?

Fucking Japan.

Its literally M:TG without getting mana screwed and ridiculous cards. Pretty fun overall.

There are other Jeannes…though the armor is about as practical…

I’ve heard good stuff but I play two card games as is. How costly is the entry barrier for someone playing competitively?

As of right now, the game is cheap as all fuck. A new set just dropped on thursday so if you’re gonna get in, get in while the going is good. Only prob is that a box of it costs as much as a box of M:TG. Which might be okay right now since BFZ is fucking ass.

Yeah, I actually have a count of all the cards in the game that cost more than $5…and it’s not very many. And a few of them aren’t that bad either.

The best thing to do, get a Faria/Melgis Dual Deck online. They’re $30…but it comes with two decks that have PLENTY of usable, strong cards and some that even have great value. Guinevere, the Jealous Queen is $10 alone.

You can also get a Vingolf:Engage Knights. It’s a fixed set, comes with playsets of all the new cards for the set, and half sets of all the reprints. The reprints are VERY important. Two Vingolfs earn you a playset of every Dual Stone along with playsets of cards like Thunder.

I’ll bump this once and only once. Just to say, hey, we have trailers. Who doesn’t love trailers?

there is only one Force of Will and I still got 4 of em (and 4 Mana Drains too!!!)

Unfair, nothing competes against THAT Force of Will.

staples in my Stasis deck :slight_smile:

All I know is that it has some fire ass artwork…I remember looking up Saitsu’s av to see where the art was from and it was this corny ass game.

So I copped Bahamut, Snow White, and Alice the Wanderer J Ruler for Mephistopheles and other filler worth things. He also needed a demon flame so I have a skeleton for a Snow White centric deck (poison apples, grannies, and little red (the card, not ruler).

The other Alice (the good one that searches deep blu) was 15, but I really wanted Bahamut.

I don’t believe anyone has Abel. 2 people have Cain, and they just got them today. No spares. No one is selling him. Period.

I need me some Rukh eggs and Levs, so I might buy another boxset of Faria and Melgis (my friend bought the first set…and pretty much kept all the good cards in it). I could probably get a playset of Regalia for 20 (of both Exaclibur and Levs I think)…or I could just buy the boxset, trade for Demonflames and Thunder and get a playset that way, while still having spares for another deck I’m trying to build.

But yeah, all in all this game is so fucking cheap right now. Most expensive cards are, maybe 20 MAX. Of course some people over pay, because they feel like they need them now, so there’s always that, but most don’t go over 15, and the really good ones go for even less than that at 10.

Most commons are 10 cents. Not even joking.

Another good thing about the game…they start set spoilers EXTREMELY quickly.


Oh God that support is so broken.

Tinker Bell just went up in price again.

Fairy =/= Fairy Tale