For those who have Madcatz TE Sticks

does the white ball top that came with the fight stick move (i.e. spin) as you move the joystick? I find this kinda annoying. And just wanted to know if anyone else has noticed this. Isn’t the white ball top suppose to be “still” and not move? I just know from my arcade experience with the pacman joysticks, the red ball top wouldn’t be able to move. Is there a way to remedy this? It’s like I can just take my fingers and just spin the ball top without it ever coming off. Just thought it was kinda weird. Anyone?

Sounds like it wasn’t tightened enough by the factory. If you open up the stick from the bottom, you can hold the joystick still with a flat head screwdriver and tighten the ball top so it will not be so loose anymore. Keep in mind this will void your warranty. You can open it from the top without voiding the warranty (I think) but to access the bottom of the stick it’s much easier to go through the bottom.

So I take it that your ball top doesn’t spin when you grab the joystick? Where can I go to check out how to do this properly? Thanks for the input.

Just open it from the top (by opening the 6 hex nuts), then grab a flat head screw driver and put it on the base of the joystick, then turn the ball as tight as you can.

Wait, is the ball unscrewing off of the stick, or is the whole stick spinning in place? If it’s the later that’s normal and there’s nothing you can do about it. Otherwise, you can search youtube for a vid on taking a TE apart easily.

Hi-Tekk, it does not sound like your Ball Top is spinning.
The Shaft plus Ball Top is spinning.
Everything is cool.

It is just how Joysticks are.
There is nothing holding the Shaft in place.
Just four little Microswitches touching the Shaft.
Shaft is free to rotate however it wants to rotate.

It would be pretty hard to execute moves if Shaft did not spin.

This is normal. Nothing’s wrong.

…it’s supposed to spin right? lol

Edit: ok note to self. don’t type up a response and walk away.