[For Sale] PS3 Tournament Edition Stick

Selling for PS3 120 shipped

I can post pics in the morning. It’s been lightly used(Maybe 4-5 thirty minute sessions). but still works like new. No mod attempts

Blazblue Sold

PM offers.

Pay with Paypal.


Will have pics up tomorrow morning for sure

Price drop to 120

…apparently uploading pictures from your cell phone is a more complicated process than I anticipated

bump. Really trying to get rid of this

Now taking price negotiations. PM me offers

how much would shipping be to canada? thanks.

What he said lol.

If you want to PM me your addresses I guess I could find out for you.

Basically I wanted to sell the stick for 100 and then whatever shipping ontop of that

Last time I sold my friend’s TE shipping was about 28 within the US. but that was through USPS.

So like I said PM me your address and I can definitely find out for you, and we’ll go from there

and Blazblue has been sold

Shipping to Canada is a possibility now

PM to discuss