For Sale: PS3 CECHA01 with everything

Selling my extra PS3 60G model. Great condition, everything original, no dust environment, $300 shipped.


The 60 gb ps3 is the one with hardware backwards compatibility right?

yes. also wireless, 4 usb port, card reader and OS install support.

Oh MAN is this a good deal! I would pick this up myself in a heartbeat if only I wasn’t so poor at the moment. Good luck with this sale PillarOfHeaven! It shouldn’t be too hard to sell off only the best PlayStation 3 model ever made though! :lol:

Are you taking trades? I have an Xbox 360 Halo Edition with a few games I never play.

thanks ikagi-chan, i agree that it is one of most collectible console ever existed.

DangerDave00: sorry man, not looking for trades at the moment.

last bump.

price reduced, bump

Dear lord people, how has this not sold yet? I mean really, is $300.00 not a low enough price for you folks? The original NTSC 60 GB PlayStation 3 goes easily for $400.00 on eBay, and that’s in clearly used condition! PillarOfHeaven is selling his spare, which probably looks as if it hasn’t been touched at all since release, and for $300.00 SHIPPED.

PillarOfHeaven, you seriously have NO IDEA how much it pains me that I’m not able to buy this off of you. Like seriously, NO IDEA. :grrr:

I’m like this close, but I’ve heard that Sony is going to release a firmware upgrade that will enable ps2 compatibility again. And I need to get rid of stuff first, I have too much stuff laying around.

60 gbs do go for 350-400 on eBay, so this is definitely a decent deal.

PM sent.

I have the same model but I added a 120gb hard drive. I love it but lately it sounds like an airplane is in my living room. The fan is way too loud and I don’t know how to fix it. It works just fine but it’s annoying.

This is a good deal, and if I hadn’t spent all of my money on Christmas, I would jump on this. Good luck with the sale!

Back up your hard drive. Then take a can of compressed air to it. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna turn into the yellow light problem, but you might be lucky and have it just be dust.

do you send to chile :V?
if thats the case, do you know how much will be the shipping price?

Yeah, that’s a great price. Last I checked they were going for more than twice that.