For Sale- PS1/PS2 Games

PS1 Games
FF7 Black Label
FF8 Greatest hits
FF9 Greatest hits
FF Anthology Greatest hits
FF Tactics Greatest hits
Parasite Eve Greatest hits
Xenogears Black Label

PS2 Games
Neo Geo BattleColiseume
KOF 11
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns
FF X Greatest hits
FF X-2 Greatest hits
Kingdom Hearts Black Label
Kingdom Hearts 2 Black Label

Looking to sell all the games together. Asking $150 plus shipping for all. Let me know if anyone is interested.

just bought 150 bucks worth from spideyman. this guy ships fast!

Damn. I want xenogears and FF anthology, I own the rest otherwise i’d jump on this but pointless to own 2 of everything else.

Nice bundle, I own all but the two Kingdom Hearts games.

If you’d be willing to separate KH 1&2 from your bundle I’d be interested in buying them!

how much for ffvii black label? if it is sold separately

Does FF anthology come with the music CD? I know that the black label does, but I’m not sure about the green label. This is assuming that you are going to split up the package.

No music cd.

Still looking to sell games as a package. If I decide to sell seperate I’ll pit up prices for them.

-Waiting for individual pricing- Pretty interested in FF8 and Disgaea.

Price drop to $130+ shipping

I think your chance of selling all of these in a bundle in a slim, many of those games and somewhat common so I would assume chances are many people own a sprinkle of games in your list. You may want to reconsider breaking them up.

Just trying to help. :tup:

Interested in all 5 FF games for PS1, check my TO thread if you’re interested in a trade. Friend of mine is a FF fan, but recently had to sell his collection, so this would be a great christmas gift for him.

Hope to hear back with good news. :slight_smile:

I’m still interested in xeno and anthology. Waiting to see if you split it up and hopefully I get in before others.

Same here, man. Hopefully it gets split up. :slight_smile: