For Sale: Madcatz SF4 SE w/ Seimitsu parts, and some ViewCast Osprey 210 Capture Cards

Madcatz SF4 SE stick for Xbox 360: SOLD

I also have a used Osprey card that I’m trying to get rid of. It’s in great condition, as it’s barely ever been used. I’m asking for $50, plus the cost of shipping it to you. This is for the card and a/v dongle only.

Anyone interested can PM me.

I have two of the old style 210Cs, as well, which I will let go for $25, plus shipping, each. They’re essentially the exact same card, except the a/v ports are on the card instead of a dongle. They have line in audio (2.5mm RCA), line out audio (also 2.5mm), and two different video ins (s-video and coax). I have a Y-connector for the audio port that I’ll throw in to the first buyer. PM if interested.

Added more stuff

Bump for great justice… and slashed prices. EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Stick added

If you decide to part out the buttons, pm me.

Stick sold.

Positive Feedback for the SE Stick.
Yeah you were right it was just a loose connection. Thanks!