[FOR SALE] Game Collection Clean-Out. Come take a look

Money is tight and with a sudden influx of expenses in my life, trying to get rid of everything but the essentials in my gaming collection.

Most if not all are still in excellent quality as I’m pretty anal about that. So you can probably trust the quality a little more than you would a used game at gamestop. Pretty much everything listed here was either played once or twice, or never at all. They were all also purchased new so nothing here is being sold second hand.

and all prices are negotiable. I tried to list things to be less than what they would be used at other stores.

Here is what I’m trying to sell

]Street Fighter 4 CE(PS3) - 70 (Everything unused except the game. Box and game still both in great quality. Practically new)

Soul Calibur 4(PS3) - 40

Naruto Narutimate Accel 2(JP PS2) - 40

Last Blade Collection(JP PS2) - 25

Marvel Ultimate Alliance(PS3) - 20

Yu Yu Hakusho Forever(JP PS2) - 20

Fatal Fury battle Archives Vol 1(Ps2) - Asking Price

Bleach Blade Battlers 2(JP PS2) - 40

Shadow of Colossus(PS2) - 10

Resistance 2 CE(with no game, lol. Everything is unopened) - asking price

CvS2/3rd strike value pack(JP PS2) - 25

Metal Slug Anthology(PS2) - Asking Price

Arcana Heart 1(PS2) - 20

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology(PS2-Factory Sealed) - 25

**King of Fighters 11 **(PS2 - Factory Sealed) - 15

Art of Fighting Anthology(PS2) - Asking Price

Swap Magic 3 set(PS2) - 20 (2 available)

Paypal is the only payment method I can accept. Make offers in this topic or via PM and once we’ve come to an agreement on price send me address through PM and we’ll talk about shipping and payments.

I’ll pretty much accept any reasonable offer so don’t be shy. I’d appreciate any buyers.

I want KOF98UM as long as its the USA version. PM sent boy!

Very nice collection & prices are reasonable…If i didn’t have a modded PS2 i’ll probably buy bunch of those games…ARRRRRR

hell yes I’ll take the cvs2 3rd strike value pack. I can pay today.

PM send.


Surprised at how many responses I’ve gotten so far

I’ve put the games I’ve gotten confirmation PMs back for in yellow. Meaning I’ve gotten confirmation back from the buyer interested. Will go to red once payments are finalized and the game is shipped meaning it is no longer available.

If you PMed me about a game and don’t see it in yellow it means you haven’t responded to me confirming the price and sending me your address so I can figure out shipping. I need both of those things before I can go further with getting the game to you.

Thanks again for the interest guys. You’re really helping me out alot here

Hmm im really interested in hakusho forever. If you can pm me your best price with shipping, i’ll let my fiancee know and she’ll probably be after it.

For everyone I’ve pmed that I’d have shipping and everything taken care of today, ran into problems at work and wasn’t able to get to the post office on time

So everything will definitely be taken care of tomorrow and I’ll have the games out by Wednesday at the latest.

Also if you haven’t contacted me about buying something, if you do so tonight I can probably get your game shipped out with the others.

Sorry for the inconvenience

No hurry here, just wondering what was up. Hit me when you can.

Friendly bump and I wanted to let you know I got my stuff last week.

updated list

All sold items are in red

Thank you to all who bought from me. Made over 100 dollars so far and it’s really helped

I’ll try to hit you guys up with profile feedback in the next few days. Thanks again

I’ll take Shadow of the Colossus off your hands!

Is that copy of Arcana Heart 1 for the PS2 the US English release? If so I’m interested in that.

It is

Hit me up with a PM either today or tomorrow to sort out details and I can ship it to you 3 day on tuesday with other orders

Is the swapmagic 3.6 plus and is it ntsc ?