***FOR SALE*** Custom arcade joysticks with artwork&plexi

Hello kids. :slight_smile:
I have 10 single player arcade sticks for sale.
Here is my new site.


Here are the latest.
This for Paranoia.

This is for oneyedking(member here).

I have 10 more boxes that looks like the onces above.
So first come,first served!:smiley:
Thanks for playing !:cool:

(ALSO accepting trades, I need the X-box)

So those are $100+$15 shipping? Look nice btw. I envy your mamecast cabinet, very nice!

I can get the stick now. Lock one of those down for me. Black competition joystick with red concave buttons over a CvS2 overlay. With plexi. How much are we talking here? $100 plus shipping? God, I hope you accept Paypal.

Oh yeah, and a PS2 stick. Keep forgetting stuff as usual. Is there a way I could swap out the buttons later on?

Yes sir !:smiley:
Thanks for the comment on the cab.
I SOOO enjoy playing games on it :smiley:

Yes I know there gotta be someone for the cvs2 stick so I printed some extra overlays…:lol:
Anyhey check PM !:cool:

hey snaake i love my stick u made me :smiley: is there anway i could iuse it on dc??

Umm…converter ! :smiley:


what happend to your friend dude ? :confused:
He emailed once then never got back…

Shit! I just remembered… I dunno if I specified if it was a stick for the PS2… It should be…:confused: :eek:

Do you have any ready now ? Single with hard spring?

ewww… u got like a random foot in ur pics dude lol i love ur custom artwork. if i ever wanna buy 1, i’ll look up.

yes…I have 10 sticks ready.
interested ? :smiley:
yes competion with hard spring.

the boxes look like this.


Start and select buttons are on the sides so less artwork covering with button.
you get to choose your artwork ! :cool:

yeah yeah I know…:lol:
the other pic will be up today(camera acting up).

whats a spring? does my have that? wtf is it?

its less then nothing !
everyjoystick has…the one I sold you was perfect(I played online with it)
Just a thing makes you stick kinda tight.
I have some laying around.
doesnt really make a difference with “hard spring”.
btw got you IM on aol.I wasnt home…

For Paranoia !
Okay this one is HOT.
I am not saying because I build this but this one looks special with red stick contrast…I personally LOVE this one !
Might even build one like this for myself ! :evil:




:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

start and select buttons are on the sides as usual.

Paranoia : HEHE magz’ nose is a a black button :rolleyes:

but seriously, that shit looks tight, and btw para’s gettin that for me
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh thats yours…
I seriouslly wanna build one looks like this for myself(for online play).
too kewl :cool:

ok how much is a regular joystick in canadian dollars?
sorry i have no idea how to check out 1 us dollar= to how much in canadian

those are some wicked sticks

Dude,you are not accepting any personal messages ??
did you get banned or something.
any stick with artwork and plexi would be $100 american.
not too sure how much canadian but I can find out if you are serious.
drop me a line. :slight_smile: