For Sale: Custom 360 25th Anivversary Arcade Stick

All, I literally just decided to sell my custom 25th anniversary nubytech arcade stick complete with collectors box. It was originally released on the the xbox and ps2 to commemorate Street Fighter Anniversary Edition.

The box itself is the original nuby tech design but it has been dual modded for the Xbox360/PS3 and fitted with authentic Happ competition joystick and buttons complete with quick release from the pcb and to the buttons on the stick.

The original un-modded stick is going for over $300

Box is in prime working condition. I just need some extra cash and wanted to see if anyone would be interested before I put it up on ebay.


You cant sell yet since your an 09 member…so just put it up on ebay and let people find their way to it

Either you’re from the future and Capcom has once again decided to cash in on SF or that’s a 15th anniversary stick. Go eBay it.

He’s from the future.

Ah, no wonder it’s so expensive. :china:

Actually with the way the current exchange rate is going, $300 FUSD (Future US Dollars) is like $5 USD in 2009.


300$ Unmodded? I have been EBay hunting, seen it going for 100$ BIN. Also, for 300$ might as well by a TE on eBay that’s being inflated to 250$, sanwa and what not, or MAS that don’t go over 100$. Rambling aside, this is tech talk. No selling allowed. (Also you have’t been registered long enough =D.

LOL If you’re going to pull a number out of your ass at least make it plausible

TE sticks are $220 now BIN last time I checked.

What a dip shit attempting to rip some one off do a little research you have to be on here for 6 months and post it in the trading outlet of this forum the rules are here so we don’t have to put up with retarts like you trying to sell their over priced crap

LOL. WTF!? What an effin idiot! Those go for about $50 plus shipping. Bought 3 of them at $40 each. LOL. Go rip someone else off.


Dear sir/madam:

I will buy it off of you. I will give you $500 USD. Please remove the advert. I will send you $500 via Western Union Money transfer because it is the safest way. This is my business proposition for you. If $500 USD is too low, I will offer you $1000 USD for additionally shipping costs and packaging and convenience. This will go directly to the nigerian consulate. Additionally, I will pay for any additionally shipping charges incurred in addition to my price.

Thank you,

(May fools, btw - I may have made that joke above too real-looking)

Adds more to my point. They are even cheaper now (Where 290$ at one point). So why would someone believe that the nubytech stick is even close to 300$ stock. :Crazy:

Wrong thread, too much money, unmodded and going for 3 benjamins?

TE are going for at least 220 man.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA :rofl::rofl::rofl: That cracked me up :smiley:

I’m selling some old underwear while we’re at it. It’s been re-stitched so it fits both men and women. I also custom stitched a Prada logo on the left ass cheek. This underwear brand new and without the new logo is $50 US. This underwear is in prime condition I just really need some extra cash to buy this really awesome, overpriced, modded anniversary collection stick off this SRK member who thinks I’m stupid.

I’ll take it. PM me your social security number and I’ll wire the money to it pronto!