For sale: 2 akishop ps360s from, currently backordered

first of all i was going to post in the trade post area but i dont have enough posts, if you know where it should go let me know please.

i have 2 akishop ps360s for sale. ends up i needed something else instead. these are barely used and are tested and working fine. looking for $80 for both that includes shipping. let me know thanks, PM me too.

Curious to see what you needed other than a PS360. Unless you’re playing on a Wii or PS2/Dreamcast/XBOX1?

Shouldn’t be posting it up on here to begin with, even if you don’t have the post requirements.

lol this thread is funny. the price is actually good tho.

This post goes into the trading outlet forum, when you meet the requirements. There is no other place.
Any other “trading” or “sale” has to take place outside of