For people with MadCatz wireless SFIV controllers

Is it a lot easier to pull off moves/combos with it compared to a regular DualShock 3 controller?

Just don’t recommend the FighStick, I’d rather have a controller=)


It’s down to preference.
I have one, I don’t use it because it has cost me a game where the battery has died in it and I don’t find them comfortable to hold so I stick to my dualshock.
I’ve been meaning to go back to stick because I actually have proper access to all of my buttons then without having to change them constantly, but in due time, in due time. (Funny really because I learned the game on stick, went to pad, and now am having trouble moving back).

Okay but compared to DualShock 3, is it easier to pull of moves with the MadCatz pad?

Or is fighting stick THAT much better? Because I don’t think fighting stick is better, it’s just a preference.
I just want to know if it’s easier to pull off moves compared to with the regular DualShock 3.

again, I don’t get the thing with wireless. I mean do you guys refuse to use cellphones?

EDIT: If you grew up using one of the SNES or Genesis style fight pads, you’ll probably be better with the pad. If you have been using the PS2 controller for fighting games, okay that’s better. If you’ve played fighting games in arcades a lot then get a stick. Ultimately most people will prefer the thing they have experience with. If you have absolutely NO experience and can spare the cash, get a cheap fight stick. I’d recommend whatever the PS3 version of the EX2 is.

Wireless is a pain in the ass when you have to swap controllers in and out of consoles often (like at tournaments or meetups with more than 2 people).

For just home play I don’t have a problem with wireless pads/sticks, but they’re really a hassle when you’re trying to play a tournament match and some asshole pauses your game from across the room.

It’s subject to opinion. I have little problem on execution on a dualshock because of my button setout, It’s down to what you’re comfortable with. The only difference between a fightpad and dualshock is that Fightpad has turbo.

Okay but my friend strongly recommends a FightStick, and he also strongly recommends the TE FightStick. But I told him that I refuse to dish out the amount of money it costs.

So the question is, should I buy the standard stick just for the sake of having a stick that supposedly gives you more control, or should I just buy the FightPad considering I’ve grown up with Street Fighter on SNES and have only played SF using a dpad?

In regards to your “original” question… I think you’re talking about the PS3 MadCatz FightPad, that’s wireless via dongle… right? 'Cause the Xbox 360 FightPad is -not- wireless, but the PS3 one is, just not Bluetooth wireless.

ANYWAY, the answer is probably yes. I say probably because some people really enjoy and prefer the DualShock d-pad for fighters. I personally do NOT, I have trouble doing a lot of things on it that I don’t have trouble with on other controllers. However, the FightPad’s d-pad is very large, circular and doesn’t lock on the corners or 8-way, making it very easy to pull of 360 motions. It’ll take a little adjustment because of the size increase but overall it’ll benefit once you get used to it, imo. Also, the six face buttons are dandy.

The answer is most definitely yes when comparing the 360 controller and FightPad. The d-pad on the 360 controller sucks balls.

As for the FightPad vs. stick, it’s really up to you. I am like you, I grew up playing pad with not a single arcade anywhere near me, so the FightPad was an obvious choice. I love using it, I think it controls great, and while I anticipate buying a stick down the line (when I’m not poor) the pad is working miracles for me right now.

Most people here are going to disagree with you on that point.

That said, any pad with 6 buttons on the face is going to be better for SF, as long as the pad itself doesn’t totally suck.

We can’t make that decision for you. It’s entirely what you feel better doing.
I grew up on pad with SF2, Alpha 3 and the Tekken and Guilty Gear games, learned SFIV on stick, moved back to pad and am now trying to move back to stick because the parts in TEs tend to be quicker on response than a D-pad. That and Turbo makes comboing easier. You can get the same turbo ability with a Madcatz Fightpad as it has it on there too (It was a godsend for my Vega trials, but other than that, I don’t use it because my thumb wanders, its partly what stopped me using a stick but I’ve found a way around the wander).

TEs are better than the standard because of parts, but there’s not a lot wrong with grabbing a normal one, buying the parts separate and changing it that way. Tis what I did with mine, Madcatz standard stick with Sanwa bits chucked in there because I ripped it apart and replaced them and you can probably get some of the guys here to help you. Bound to be a thread somewhere in tech talk.

I tried one of those madcatz sf4 controller at frys and yes it was a lot easier to pull out movies as far as fadc, ultra and specials go …
But I still prefer stick …

-double posted-

Dongles pretty much clear up this issue.

I sincerely hope that’s only for the trials, because using turbo in competitive play is a serious no-no!

Assuming people actually use them :confused:

sony’s pads or the japonese saturn pads seem to be the superior choice to me. and this is coming from a guy who views pads as in disposable pcbs for arcade sticks. but nah, if i were to play fighting games on a pad it’s gotta be dual shock 2 or jp saturn pad. i wonder what it would be like playing sf4 on an N64 pad?

I found the wireless ps3 fightpad to be WAY better than the PS3 dualshock controller. The D-pad feels so nice, it’s all one piece and kind of “rocks” into position making it smooth.

I definitely recommend it if you’re planning on sticking with a controller.


When I bought mine, the dongle went bad within two days. Same thing happened to 2 other friends. Madcatz replaced it for free which was nice but still… The other major “fault” with the fightpads is some batches of them would stop registering diagonals correctly so there’s that.

Now this was back during the first batch of fightpads so they’re probably better/more reliable nowadays. I have another friend who got a “new” one and hasn’t had a problem at all.

And for the record I went from dualshock -> fightpad -> arcade stick(Hori Real Arcade Pro 3) and I absolutely would not want to go back to a controller. Though if I did, it would be the fightpad. I picked the HRAP3 stick because I liked the layout of the buttons better than the TE stick and it works with older playstation 2d fighters like 3rd strike while the TE stick does not. (at least not when playing them through the ps3).

I’d recommend the stick if you’re willing to pay for it. (you can find TE sticks and hrap3’s for like 80$ now, which is a lot for a controller I admit, but they are nice.) I can “feel” when I screw up a move now instead of just wondering what the hell happened. (except the occasional slip into crouch or jump damn 4 way gates!) If not a stick, the fightpad is definitely the way to go in my opinion.

I also tried a USB saturn controller and while the d-pad is really nice, the difference in the top 3 and bottom 3 button shapes makes it feel awkward to do things like focus attacks.

It is only for trials, I don’t use a fightpad for competititve play XD I just use my dualshock because it’s what I’m comfortable with.

Was brilliant for Vega’s 4th and 5th trials because the links made me want to kill things.

For the PS3 MadCatz FightPad, they’re the only option.

Thanks for the answer. This one really helped. But if I were to go with a stick, I would only buy the Standard MadCatz FightStick, and if I do I won’t mod it myself with better pieces. I’m just going to keep it the way it is. I definitely won’t buy the TE stick though, waaay to much money for a controller.

So, the Standard FightStick or the PS3 FightPad? I don’t mind learning fighting with a stick, but I just want to know what will be the best investment=)