For all you whiners who wanted a clip of the Mako combo

Right click, save target as.
There. 100% stun. Done on PS2 as well.

No more questions. I don’t care if you can’t see it well.
EDIT: Fixed link.

:party: :party:

Hey, look at that. That looks familiar. :lame:

Ken = skill

good shit… it really kicks ass. :clap:

ban her!

That was very cool!

I’m guessing though that this probably won’t ever be done in a tournament right? Because of the positioning…


Super art -> dash cancel -> DP -> dash cancel -> DP

Does that work on everyone?

It works on most people but tahts not right, it involves some kara cancelling.

Thank you…

could you please right down the full combo transcript on what I should be doing…I’m guessing its:

Karakusa, hp, SA 2, dash cancel, hk~fukiage strong, dash cancel, hp fukiage, sj cancel hk/hp

Is that right?


the second fukiage is a lp.

Thanks Archer…

can this be done on all characters?

Can it stun all characters?

why don’t you put the vid of her ex dp+p cross up on alex? since you want every cheapass makoto to become even cheesier.

i remember when people were complaining about not having makoto vids put up…

That was done in practice, with max bar on. WOuld the combo build up enough bar to actually be performed in a match? or is it exibition only?


You can stock 2 bars… The stun combo only takes 1 bar, but if you wanna kill them, use up your other bar… yes, its fairly easy to gain 2 bars with Makoto…

Mickey D’:

To my knowledge, the only person it doesnt work on is Chun Li… but I heard you could get her with the lp version… i havnt tried it. And no, it doesnt stun all characters.