For $35 at K-Mart this Sunday - The Portal 2 Thread

I figured there is going to be a lot to talk about so I’d rather not clutter the FPS thread and this game is across three platforms too. Nice fair chat to all.

Still waiting on my copy to arrive.

4chan is invading user scores. Nothing is safe from them.

Never got round to playing portal 1, so I’m planning to get that first

Work today is going to be TORTURE. checks shipping tracking Holy crap, it’s already out for delivery. I swear, Amazon uses portals to ship.

Is there one version of the game that let you create your own stages? Thought I heard about that somewhere…

Anyway, I might hold off on it until it goes down on price a bit, unless the created stages thing is true and i can find some of those deals that were posted somewhere around here. I did play a couple of stages yesterday though, even though i miss GlaDOS those robots will make up for it lol.

Being a Source engine game, the PC version is fairly easy to mod, which would be where custom levels come in.

Also, I’m pretty damn sure GlaDOS is in P2.

Uggh, I?m still on the first game. I tried to beat it yesterday, but got frustrated a lot and just cut the game off. Currently on Test Chamber 18 and figuring out some out some of these challenges is a pain. From what I hear, I?m almost done with the game. Thank God! I just don?t know if I?ll be able to finish Portal 2 when I jump on it. I really want to hear reviews about the game before I actually go pick it up and the cross plat forming of Ps3 and the PC. What system is everyone getting this game for?

And if yuo get it for consols, you will have access to mods for download.

Really?? That’s what’s up. Someone hook me up on some deals for this shit.

Mine is out for delivery right now. I cant freakin’ wait. Im stoked.

Im getting it for the PS3 because it comes with a copy for the PC. I’ll be playing it on the pc most likely and The Wife will play it on the PS3.

If you’re one of those people who own a PS3 and a 360, for what possible reason would you even consider getting the 360 version when you can have the PS3 version AND the PC version for the same price? (a $50 dollar value! /slapchop) Even if you don’t have a PC… the VALUE! Maybe one day you buy a PC, and when you do you’ll have Portal 2 for it!


Yeah, word. My compy is ass, and I don’t have a PS3, so I’m getting the 360 version (which was a good enough deal on Amazon anyway), but if I could, I’d scoop up the PS3 version in a heartbeat. It’s even cross-compatible with the PC version.

Yeah, this is one time where I will say that 360 only users are getting the shaft. There is absolutely no reason to get this game for the 360 if you have a PS3. I dont care if you have more friends on the 360 or prefer the 360 controller. In a week the 360 version will be outdated and done (obsolete if you will), very sad.

Portal 2 has in-game DLC store, like Team Fortress 2’s | Joystiq

The shitfit being thrown by some people over the DLC and console being the supposed “lead platform” is ridiculous. Look at the user reviews at Metacritic. I understand complaints about the games length (although I do have to somewhat question their validity, since a lot of sources have stated it’s well over 8 hours long at least, and these reviews don’t seem to bring up Co-op at all), but the DLC is purely cosmetic. Microtransactions are the way of the future, and if it doesn’t affect gameplay, then deal with it.

if Portal 2 hits the 3Ds, I’ll go buy one and I’ll buy Portal 2…

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My PS3 is bork and my PC can’t run Portal 2 i am sure so I’ll be getting it for 360 first and coping the PC3 version at a later date but either way mad hype for this game. Picking it up tomorrow.

GLaDOS is in Portal 2 by the way in both Single Player and Co-Ops stories.

GLaDOS: We’ve both said a lot of things you are going to regret but I think we can put our difference behind us. For Science. You Monster.

Is this game still featuring the girl form the first game? All I’ve been seeing are the two robots lately.

Single Player Story features Chell from Portal 1. The Co-Op features Atlas (The Round Personality Sphere) and P-Body the Modded Turret.

Currently playing through the single player until my brother gets off work for some co-op action. <3’ing it so far.

About halfway through the single-player campaign. I haven’t smiled/laughed this much in a LOOOoOng time. Haters gonna hate, but this game is worth the money.