Food YOU like, but nobody else eats

I’m sure everyone here has a few. In the area of the country I live in, sushi is frowned upon. Otherwise, I’ll list a few to start.

Olive Loaf I love the stuff, and for the life of me, can’t seem to find anyone else even willing to try it.

Liver Cheese It’s yummy. fuck the haters

I’ll add more later. Lets see what odd shit SRK eats!

I fucking LOVE chicken liver.

I like pineapples on pizza, and I love licorice. Like, licorice flavored licorice

Tripas, but I don’t know any Mexicans.


I dunno why but I love sardines and saltine crackers with Red Hot on them :rofl:

Now y’all done got me hungry. Just made 2 Braunschweiger sandwiches with a pickled egg assist.

Also, why is it in the south people look at you funny when you ask for sourkraut or coleslaw on your hotdog?

I really like Pasteles.

Peanut butter and cheese sandwich…

  • :bluu:

I saw this thread and all I could think of was souse. Ugh, I would kill for some fucking souse right now, I swear to god. It’s one of the most ungodly fucking disgusting things in history, but fuck is it ever tasty.

I was waiting for someone to say chitlins. I’d never knowingly eat that.

Pizza with anchovies.

Seriously, it’s good.

AMEN. Not a single pizza chain here has anchovies :frowning:

^yes it is very good but kind of salty

well the only thing i can think of so far is eating hot dog with MUSTARD

Korean Kimchi. I love the stuff but most of my friends can’t stand it.

What the fuck is wrong with those places. Pizza without anchovies is like a TE with crappy MadCatz buttons.

ewwwww ewwwwwww ewwwwwwwwwwww

well i guess thats why ya 6’ 93" tall n shyt… i use to murder chitlin back when i little… but after my unc told me EXACTLY what they were at such a young age… game over.

idk but everytime I want to eat some spinach, I got the whole damn table looking at me like im crazy. well, that’s because everyone else is eating something different than me at the dindin table

i like olive loaf. I also enjoy Pineapple on my pizza. My Wife’s favorite pizza is actually just pineapple and cheese pizza haha.

mmm can’t think of anything too strange at this point in time. will try later.

Let’s see…

Chitlins w/ hot sauce
Fish -n- Grits

fried catfish an grits… lawd ham’ mercy i love that!!!

You sir are truly a gentleman. :tup::lol:

:wtf: You didn’t eat your mom’s fried chicken and you’re still living? :rofl: Speaking of chicken livers, I lover them fried or smothered.

Edit : I forgot to add Liver and onions to that list.