Font Request

10 special points for this font:


… seriously I can’t find anything close… and it looks so simple.

maybe if the picture worked…

It was the word ULTIMATE.


looks like a standard font, with effects for chrome, bevel, and outline
use photoshop, font’s themselves do not contain such properties

No, I get that… I can do the FX, I’m looking for the base font.

looks just like plain old Arial Black narrowed and with some effects


The problem is, bold sans-serif fonts like this one all tend to look the same, with minor differences. This makes it really difficult to identify, That and sometimes in logos like this the artist doing the typefacing will mix fonts to get their own personal perfect balance, not to mention subtle transformations like the M here (it’s clearly squished horizontally so as to not be obviously wider than the rest).

I’m inclined to agree with FunkyP, it really does look like Arial Black (or some other bold variation in the Arial family), but otherwise I would just say to go with something close for whatever purpose you have in mind, and do whatever simple modification you can to get a result that looks similar With this simple a font, most people aren’t likely to notice the subtle difference.

Hm, it’s a wild guess, but it seems to be a font called Flip Regular, as shown here.

That’s what I got, anyway. I don’t know if it’s right, but it looks pretty close to me. :confused:

PheNOM07 would be correct

Impact is close, but it’s not it. Narrowed Arial Black looks closer, in fact it seems it would be about right if the lettering was a bit thicker (add a stroke or something?)

Here is a comparison. %s are modified widths.

That’s really close. Stroked and contoured and you’d get really close… I’d bet if you overlaid the Arial Black narrowed over the top of the logo it would touch the non contoured inside walls of the logo letters pretty right on. I shall experiment when I get home.