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Hey all,

Thought it was high time to formally introduce myself and my shop. I’m Jaleel, the owner of Focusattack.com and fellow Guile main (Akuma looks great as an avatar, though). Focusattack was started in 2009 with the intention of bringing all sorts sweet of fighting game merch to the community. It’s grown to highlight the modding community, with joystick parts, custom accessories and other unique items. The shop also embraces unique items designed by players right in the community.

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So what’s the deal? Why go to focusattack.com?

[]Competitive prices on joystick parts. Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks, buttons and balltops/battops. We may not have everything the big guys do, but we strive to offer the best prices on them, and the list keeps growing.
]Order fulfillment is fast. We usually ship within 1-2 business days of your order, or sometimes within 24 hours!
[]Unique items from the community. Check our unique section “Made in the FGC” for a list of products made for players, by players!
]Contests – we often offer our products as great contest prizes for players around the world!
[]Worldwide shipping: We’ll ship anywhere that USPS can deliver. We also ship to US forwarding mailboxes courtesy of BONGO.
]Helpful, Quick Service - No one likes to wait…Have questions about your order? You can now contact fulfillment@focusattack.com. Any other questions? You can hit me up via email (**service@focusattack.com), Twitter, Facebook or here on SRK with any questions. I’ll personally respond within 24 hours.
[*]Focusattack.com is giving to the tournaments you attend with prize sponsorships, adding to the winner’s pot, and participating in other community related events. We do this more than most other arcade shops.

Those are just some reasons to check out the site. :slight_smile: You might know a friend or two on SRK that purchased from focusattack and have good things to say. If you have any questions, hit up any of the places I mentioned or post them here on this thread. I’ll gladly answer them.

That’s it for now. Remember that we always highly value you, the player, the joystick builder, and the joystick enthusiast. If you have any questions, drop me a line via SRK PM, Twitter, Facebook, or service@focusattack.com.

Take care.
Final Boss

Where do you ship from?

Also, you should consider changing the photos of things like buttons for the main page. At a glance it looks like you only have a few specific button colors, and it isn’t until you click on it that you find the drop down menu with all the colors.

It’d be better if that initial image was a group shot of a bunch of multi- colored buttons.

Hey Chad,

All orders ship from Philadelphia, PA.

Regarding the photos, I’ll go through the site and adjust the photos with group shots, similar to what I did for the Toggleme battops. Yes, perhaps it’s misleading that a single button color appears for the whole set.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Looks like a great start though, I like the big Seimitsu banner at the top. Big visual stuff like that looks awesome. Do more of that!

Good luck with the shop.

cool, I will consider buying some Dark Hai buttons off you, I need 4 more to replace my whites in my TE, I hope for 6 dark Hai and my black and violets are in the 3x buttons, With my violet bubble top, Purple anodized 7-11 shaft guard and my bison artwork it should look sick

Thanks - I like big, simple visuals to show off the good stuff. :slight_smile: And thanks for the good luck - I’ll need it.

That’s a sweet config – will you post photos when it’s done?

i actually came across your site a couple weeks ago when i pricing some parts…and out of 8 different places pricing Seimitsu PS-14-K-Ns (Clear) i believe you were the 2nd cheapest including shipping to new jersey. so i may definitely be browsing again soon when i am ready to order parts.

a couple notes about your site: i really loved the design and layout. everything was clean and easy to follow. pages loaded very quickly and everything felt responsive. overall it was a great experience and i would recommend others check it out.


Thanks for mentioning that. I know players are always looking to save because, well, most of us don’t make much money. :slight_smile: If I can offer some good prices on parts, I will definitely try to keep that going. That said, if you and others find a lower price on parts, please let me know where you saw the deal and if I’ll do my best to match it.

And thanks for the great feedback about the site. There are plenty of ways to improve it, so I’ll keep trying to do so. This is especially true for navigation and search.

BTW: Your avatar is dope! Shin Akuma would be in love right now, I think. lol

kinda new to buy stuff abroad so heres a probably silly question, do you ship to mexico?.

As for feedback the design on your website and interfase is professional and neat, other arcade online shops seem to be too “cool” and less business-like. Yours is great.

wait WTF xbox 360 compatible custom pcb?

when the hell did this hit the community? how did i miss this? im ALWAYS on tech talk

Great site, I ordered cleared Seimitsu buttons a few weeks back, got them in about 5 days or so using the cheapest shipping method, to Toronto, ON. Will order from you guys again! Thanks!

I’ve ordered two or three orders from Jaleel, nice guy to deal with, shipped very fast (and with little bonus’ like cards from that Street Fighter VS TCG lol).

It’s definitely nice to see you going out of your way to get new stuff, like stocking those PS360 PCBs (those will pick up in sales after the pre-orders go out, most everyone was interested snatched them all up from Akishop with the pre-orders), as well as expanding your range of stick parts.

First post. Says he’ll ship anywhere USPS ships. Worldwide.

If I order an LS-32-01/2 and a set of buttons, would you mind swapping out the LS-32 balltop for a Sanwa yellow one?
Also, I’ve got a few ideas for some stuff I would like to see at FocusAttack… if you’d like to hear them.

jake here…

i have a question… at about 28 seconds into your intro video through 29 (almost 30) seconds into the video, dudley does a combo… how many hits was that?

lol just kidding. but seriously i like the website. it is decorative… lively. i also think it is easy to browse.

when i receive my slave labor reimbursment (aka paycheck from work) i am going to put some ps360 pcb’s on order because i need those now.

i am going to be building a few more sticks and the features of this pcb are very convienent.

look forward to seeing more as well =P

Just placed a pre-order for the PS360 PCB…will it also be free shipping to CAN? It didn’t give me any option besides free shipping, I will pay the difference if its a problem.

You’re fine, as you live in Canada. I can ship there with reasonable cost. One thing I’m working out with the store is switching shipping rates for international buyers vs domestic. Should have that adjusted soon.

Was about to look up the combo hits in slo-mo until I looked further into your message. lol Thanks for the kudos - the design was fun to put together. You’ll see more of that when I have more time to design some graphics. You’ll see some t-shirts designed by myself and others coming in the near future.

I currently have an order for 30 PCBs with Akishop. The pre-order page will reflect how many are left. I’ll definitely get more if that limit is nearly met by the time the orders are ready to ship.


Glad you liked the orders I sent…still working out the packing process so it looks much more professionally done. :slight_smile: The bonus cards will ship with every order, as long as I can find 'em. lol. Orders over $100 get free shipping, plus a Street Fighter “Midnight Bliss” Japanese Mini toy (Gashapon). Urien as a girl is pretty hot:

Free Gift Capcom Fighting Jam Gashapon for TE Stick Purchase … on Twitpic

Sure I can swap out the Seimitsu balltop for a Sanwa balltop, especially if you’re already ordering some buttons.

I’ll try to add new items as they come along. It’s tough being a new business and having so many different pieces to offer, but if you and others buy them, I can get more. :slight_smile:

As for suggestions, I’d love to hear them. It will help if others post what they would like to see, so I can get an idea what demand there is for it.



Yup - Focusattack.com will ship to Mexico…I’ve done that before. Most items shipped abroad will receive insurance as well.

Thanks also for the kudos on site design. Initially, I was worried the design was not “cool” enough. I think I’ll stick with it for a while. :slight_smile:

Those are hot. :slight_smile:

Nice job, Gummowned.