Focus Parry - just want some advice on what is happening in this video tutorial

sorry to bother you all here. I like fighting games, but i’m not very good @ them. Still; have lots of fun with em :slight_smile:

I found this video:

I’m trying to figure out what the players are doing. SF4 doesn’t have parry the way SF3 did; fine. Is it a focus attack right before the fireball is hitting them and then a dash forward? I tried it a few times when the computer launched a ranged attack at me but didn’t seem to be working OR when it worked, it seemed like i needed to hold the focus to charge longer for it to get the 1 hit of armor.

Just wondering.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Focus can be cancelled by a dash. Focus can absorb one hit. You hold focus until something hits than you dash out of it…