Focus attack with ultra animation?

tried to make the title as clear as i could so hopefully people wont think this is just some random troll question.

video from biffotasty’s channel

at the beginning of this combo video, he focus absorbs an attack with his ultra animation…how the hell does he do this? he shows it off with about 4 or 5 characters. also, how useful would this be? he does it with fei long…but isn’t that the point of his ultra 2? so why FA before it? build meter? the one he does with gouken vs sim is tight but i dont play gouken. as well makoto’s vs rufus. but what i dont understand is dont most ultras have invulnerable frames? as in wouldnt makoto just absorb rufus’ dive kick anyway with her ultra??

anyways, i doubt id ever be able to do it myself, but damn it would be nice. i realize this isn’t that useful but i just want to understand what the hell is going on here. i figure its a safe way to active ultra without worrying about trades or something?

Called an Armor cancel

You do a move that has armor (such as abels EX CoD) then do another move (i think stuff other than just ultra works) after you absorb the hit. I’ve seen Abels absorb 2 hits with this by armor canceling into breathless

skip to 1:23

it’s rarely seen but it’s the act of immediately canceling something with ex armor such as ex run or ex karakusa into ultra

alright, none of the characters i use have ex armor attacks…of course. oh well. im extremely impressed though seeing it in a match thanks for that sillender. i thought he was just doing focus on wakeup but that didnt make sense since he was getting a reversal when he did it. thanks for clearing that up for me guys.

Like Kelter Skelter and Sillender have said, it is not a Focus Attack.
It is an EX Kara Cancel, Armor Cancel, whatever it called.

You do an EX Move that has Hyper Armor property.
Then you immediate do Ultra, or Super, or even another Special.

The first EX Move that you use to Kara Cancel does not get EX Bar used up.

thank you i understand it now. i THOUGHT he was just doing a FA on wake up and canceling the whole thing into ultra and was confused as hell how that would work.

i hadnt even noticed it didnt use an ex bar i really wish i could use this technique but like i mentioned none of the characters im decent with have ex moves with armor just invul frames.