Focus attack on jump ins

hello everyone,

I main Dudley and so far i’ve been doing okay with my gameplay (thanks to the abundant amounts of info here on this site) but im having some trouble incorporating my focus attack into my style. I understand the three levels to it and also the dash cancel. I can use it to get in against my harder match ups but id like to use it against jump ins. I’ve played against some players ie ryus, who start the focus when i jump in at them after i hit them with my jump in they release and it crumples me even though i am blocking. So i set up a dummy ryu to jump hard kick followed by two cr. lps. i start my focus the moment he starts to jump and release as soon as the hard kick hits, but he doesnt get crumpled at all he just blocks. Im not sure if this is just how my characters focus works, maybe its slower than others or am i releasing to early. I dont release late because smart players will throw or hit me out of it with their second hit. any tips or advice would really help. thanks guys.

point #5 by Ryan Hunter is a must read on how to deal with Focus. - Five Tips for Experienced Players
Juicebox Abel also had a podcast on the subject as well

That and you shouldn’t be using Focus Attacks as an anti-air, especially if they have a reversal with invincibility. Like if you’re Ryu and you jump in on me and I’m focusing you can do j. HK (or nothing) and immediately mp srk without getting hit. You might miss in case they backdash though.

only level 3 Focus will crumple on block