Focus Attack, Donate Cans Charity Tournament - Denver, CO - 11/16/2013

Strike First Colorado Presents Focus Attack, Donate Cans (FADC)

Donation Link:

Unlike an usual tournament, the entry fee consists entirely of non-perishable goods to be donated at the door.
Venue - 5 Non-Perishables
Tournament Fee (per game) - 3 Non-Perishables

Safe House Gaming
8640 W. Colfax Ave
Lakewood, Colorado

Tournament Games:
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (v. 2012)
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Persona 4 Arena
King of Fighters XIII
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma

Since this is a charity drive, there won’t be a tournament pot. Instead, each game will have a set pot of $50 for first place in every game.

Finally, most dangerous game of all will be in attendance… DIVEKICK.
But not just a normal tournament will be held for DIVEKICK… No, there will be only one station set up for the game, and the only way to play/win is to have…
CAN MATCHES. Where each player will put 2 cans on the line to play a set and the winner gets a raffle ticket for the main raffle!

Oh yeah, there will be a raffle. You will be able to earn tickets by bringing in more cans, so make sure you bring a bunch!

Details for the Raffle:
5 cans or 5$ gets you a raffle ticket, you get one ticket just for paying your venue fee, you do not get extra tickets per game entry. divecan will also be a way to get tickets.

DiveCAN rules: each player for diveCAN puts up 2 cans. the winner of the match will get a raffle ticket. if you are confindant in your DiveKicking abilities you can win raffle tickets cheaper then straight up buying them.
There is a max of 5 tickets that can be won from DiveCAN per person.


There will be extra non perishables for people to purchase at the door to be donated if need be. all non-perishables will be donated to the Denver Rescue Mission ( in order to help provide Thanksgiving Meals to the homeless, one of their yearly traditions that feeds and 100% of cash collected will go toward their Turkey on every table program ( because while all the non perishables they get help. the Turkeys are by far the most expensive thing that they provide for thanksgiving.

Sign-Ups - 11:00AM
Tournament Start time - 12:00PM


Thanks to our sponsors:
Foe Hammer Joysticks
Focus Attack
Safe House Gaming
Culture Attack Studio
Strike First Colorado

One more week until FADC! Look at all the sweet Capcom swag that just arrived. Are your cans and body ready for next Saturday?

This fight sticks came in courtesy of Justin Wong! Get your cans ready fighters.