Flyy Facebook Females! Take two

Because the first thread failed oh so horribly, I decided to make a new thread. Please note that at the first sign of trouble like what occured in the first thread, the thread will be recommended for closure and and involved parties will be dealt with by mods.

With that said, let us continue with the fun…

That bitch’s face is ugly. All it is good for is my jizz in her eye.

lol, i’ll do better next time…

The bitch on the left of course

i got a PM telling me to save that thread, but by the time i finished reading the thread and uploaded the pictures it was closed. good thing i write out long posts in notepad i guess.

spoils from my part time job of taking pictures of chicks

Chris Hansen Mode

[details=Spoiler]Freshman to Junior High School Party: no one over 17 allowed.

I’ll get this nigga in the middle to rape all of them, THEN Chris Hansen.


home girl of mine from MN…really good peoples.

And to avoid the “Nigga you don’t know her!” shit that could occur:

Currently: Drunker than I was in that picture.

Jesus tap dancing Christ @ Ronin’s ownage of everyone in that other thread.

Thank you Shaft Agent for your constant ability to deliver the goods.

yea RC sayin some real shit. stay on topic people. mo hos, less drama

girl on the left

white girl on the left


I think you are in the lead my friend.

What is this? None of this women are flying!?


haha what IS that?

That shit had my cracking up for like 5 minutes and I don’t know why lol.

^ lol, ditto.
What IS that?

Edit: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

^Ronin made a warning about flamebaiting STA. If I were you I’d remove that shit before you get the banhammer.

No bullshit, his name is lulu. :rofl:


You are in fact, my hero.


nice shaft.

as for the underaged pics, shame on you

edit: i would love to contribute to this thread, but i am hella hesitant as i feel that the worlds of online + real life could possibly collide. unless i posted pics of girls i don’t know? ah fuck it im too lazy i’ll leave that to the deviants