Flying throws and peanuts man.... p..ts.u.g.?

100 pages of outdated Pittsburgh posts needs to put to rest. :wasted:

I hope you are happy with our new thread title Nate.

itll do

i wont be around on friday and most likely wont be around on saturday, not sure about that one yet

anyone have a burned copy of AE that i can burn/copy

I thought the thread was gonna be somethin else thats buried deep into the other thread.

I just got my buttons today…

Included was an extra button, a tootsie roll, a chocolate bar from Ikea, a lollipop, and 2 plugs.

The chocolate was made of top-tier awesomeness.

Oh wow, an ikea chocolate bar. I didn’t know they made anything else other than cheap furniture that falls apart. Did your chocolate fall apart?

In tastunoko vs. capcom, Ryu can instant air dash, that is right!!! Look here at this [media=youtube]3wB7mJNkdeE[/media] Get Hype TJ!!

Nate, how about some games on sunday night, if not saturday night.

i approve of this TvC

especially the Ryu iad into shin shoryuken combo, that was greatness.

i… do not know when i’ll be able to come down. starting a new job.

we’ll see how that goes.

sleep time.

edit: oh yea, good thread title.

Sunday night i can definitely do… i’ll be leaving philly today (friday). I’ll probably head back to pittsburgh on saturday, but i’m not going to commit to that. I’ll post up when i figure it out… i also got up to twenty on rom, and then i proceeded to fail over and over again like usual.

Kyle: If you get back after that hellish plan ride and are up to it, post up and ill pick you up and show you where everyone lives now. Same goes for anyone else who leaves near the school and wants to know where everyone lives.

Tj: Do not tell them you can work friday and saturday night. Tropic thunder was decent.

John: I will learn magnus and rush your shitty ass cable down, book it.

Congrats on finding a job. Where are you working… Sonic? Will there be free burgers, slushes, and tater tots in our future?

Nate, where and when do you want to play games tomorrow?

not sonic

no free burgers

no free slushies

no free tater tots

sorry bro


is there free anything?

free things of mountain dew?

free valtrex?

Jake/Kyle: I’m gonna try to be on the road by 1, should be back by 4:30

They threw me in hell. It sucks. Titusville is the worst campus ever.

And my chocolate bar was rather good. It didn’t fall apart however.

never heard of titusville

sounds like you can enjoy what god made all small towns for


Too bad I don’t drink. Its a pitt branch campus. I already took calculus and these bastards threw me into Algebra. Fuck this place I’m goin back to Duq in the spring.

On a plus side my room mate has CvS1 Pro, CvS2, MvC, MvC2, MSH, MvSF, A3, AA, ST, and 3s. So we’re set for any games. But I tapped the joystick over on one of the T5 sticks and the fuckin thing collapsed into the box.

We should play more games tonight. Who is with me?

sorry i couldn’t make it down tonight

i wasn’t able to get any sleep at all last night and i had to sit at the most boring job training ever for almost 9 hours.

only thing i wanted to do was come home & pass out

that was pretty much the only good part of today lol.

I have been to Titusville and it is a hole on the face of the Earth. If you are not up on your drinking then I don’t think you stand a chance.

This thread title is infinitely better than the last one. Good job, Jake.

Bring it on Nate. My Cable’s jump back gunshot will beat your Magnus any day. :rofl:

i have perfected pause tech

i am ready

Hopefully I’ll be back after christmas. All we play up here is CvS2 where Lvl 4 Sagat and Orochi Iori rule with an occasional Shin Gouki. But thats just because we’re tryin to unlock god rugal.




I dun see it

it only shows around 3 reps or so towards the end of the video

but it’s good nonetheless, it combos into itself.