Flying Dragon N64 Thread

This thread is for the discussion of strategy, combo, etc of the N64 fighting game, Flying Dragon.

First off, the game is actually two separated games. They are called SD Hiryu and Virtual Hiryu Ver 1.5. In the SD mode, you can customize what your characters wear, which in turn can change their stats or give them other abilities. Your characters and items can level up like in an RPG and be more powerfuil.

Virtual Hiryu does not have the RPG element, and IMO feels like a mixture of Tekken and DOA in a way.

Both games have a feature called the Mind’s Eye. If you attack certain body parts (eg. Left Knee), a little star mark shine on that spot. Now if you attack that spot again after it shines, your opponent will stagger a little and more damage is done.

From what I have played those far, Red Falcon in Virtual Hiryu has some really fast punches. Which is probably why I do a dash forward after 2 punches and do whatever while opponent is in the air. Here is the best combo I’ve done using him:


:qcb:+:snka: (launcher), :snka:x2, :r::r:, :snka::snkb:, :hcb:+:snkc:(super), :db:+:snkb:, :l::r:+:snkc:

If done right, that combo will do 12 hits for about 112 dmg.

One thing I forgot to mention is that for both games, everyone can combo into a throw after a jump attack. However, from what I’ve done those far, you can’t combo after that.

Is this the game that had a 3D and a 2D fighter in 1?

Yes it is. Quite fun actually, I only played it once when I borrowed it from my neighbor for a day back in the day, but I did have fond memories of it. :slight_smile:

This game was interesting when I got to play it on N64. It was like the N64 clone of Virtua Fighter in a way. There was one song I really liked in the game but I can’t remember the name of it and I can’t find and OST of it.

Oh man I loved that game on the N64. In fact it’s in my N64 right now.
I never really played the Virtual Hiryu mode though. It was all about DAT SD.

Needs moar vids.


This also belongs here.


You may want to change the thread title, I believe these two games “belong together” if you know what I mean. :sunglasses:

I honestly don’t even know if the first Fighter’s Destiny made it stateside.

I played this game quite a bit when I was young. I still have it now.

Virtual Hiryu was a nice mode. It had parries and those moves where you can catch a opponents attack and then hit them like in Dead or Alive.

In the end though it was all about the SD mode. Not because of the moves, since Virtual Mode had more or them, but cause of the RPG thing they had with the collecting and equipping treasure items and evolving them and stuff. Man I tried for years to get some of the items like the legendary item since some of them required you to win in certain ways, with certain difficulty settings. There was some guys who kept trying to find them and reported it to a message board on GameFAQs for some years till they finally decided that the game was most likely broken and that is no way to collect all the treasures.

Its not a really a great game overall. But it was something for a kid who doesn’t play RPGs to play.

It did and it had better music too.

I guess they had some sort copyright issue or something cause they changed the designs of most of characters from the first game even though they kept all the moves. Dixon and Fabien are the actual new characters.

P.S Cherry is actually a crossdressing man.

I agree that there needs to be more videos for Flying Dragon. I might try to make some vids some time if there is some interest in it. I did make a couple combo vids for the sequel that came only in Japan, SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu.

And yeah, both Fighter’s History games are in the states. I have both as well. I might make a thread for the games sometime.