Fly crossup MK,, d.HP xx DI

I do not have the system with me to test anything right now
but scrying Buk’s faqs and some vids and practicing the motions—

Were I to execute this (since my hand eye coordination is a bit slow at times)
I’d hold down as soon as I was above an opponent with that well timed (and extremely ambibuous) crossup MK/
I land, still holding down for the, then his d.HP xx DI.

Sounds really simple but I guess I’ll break it down as to how I actually do this:
Most of it you can take from Buk’s faq.
This is how I do it (mostly due to lack of practice and being a little sluggish) and how I break it down:

(Facing right)
(quick but certain taps with the buttons to ensure they register)
(quickly “retract” (or whatever word you want to use) your finger for the additional inputs)
(overhead):mk: (with ring finger)(hold :d: as soon as it hits, lift up ring finger now or during short for use on fierce)
:lk:(thumb, still holding :d:),:hp:(ring finger, still holding :d:) (buk’s hit confirmation 2 hit chain)
:lp::lp:(index finger. during HP animation. You can continue holding :d: if you wish)
:r: (you can continue holding :r: if you wish)

**You can mash out those jabs and roll the stick to forward froma crouching position during the fierce animation, I’m sure of this because Akuma can mash out anti-air Demons from crouching position and a lot of the properties between these two characters Demon inputs are valid, like cancelling normals into the super. Only difference is Morrigan’s combos, and Akumas is a command grab setup.

Another bit of advice for training would be to practice stuff like Break Stock to Demon with Akuma, its good practice for Morrigan if you can do it as fast as required for that, as her crouching Fierce gives you 35/60ths of a second to execute this, while Stock to Demon you only got 12/60ths of a second. (Tekken eat your heart out)
If you can nail that, you can definitely nail this.
You should be able to land the super with the stick in neutral after the crouching fierce (the prefered way anyway), though the way above will let you sneak cheat a bit if your coordination or whatever is off by a considerable margin.

Knockdown, fly crossup jab xx DI

Arguably the simplest crossup to DI she’s got.
(and as a result, perhaps the easiest to block so far as crossups go)
j.atk hit / blocked

weak 13F 15F
medium 15F 20F
heavy 15F 24F
**scried this from Buk’s systems guide.
**he doesn’t get nearly as much credit as he should’ve compiling that.

If you look at the information above, a jump jab gives you a 13 frame hit confirmation. If you fly with Morrigan and hit jab she generally turns around and the jab crosses up for the hit.

13 frames? Thats Cammy standing HP Plus hit confirmation.
Immediately cancel that shit to her air Darkness Illusion, it’s easy.

Any heavier attack that hits grants you a 15 frame window, making landing DI’s off this technically easier than doing break stock to demon with Akuma.
(Hell you can just practice this if you want “tight” Demon input training, or just practice Morrigan’s crouching HP xx DI).