Florida Train on Motrix --- Why? Cause he's a grimey cheater

Team Florida Call out to Motrix…

This is separate from the retirement match.

Why? Cause he’s a nuthugger. Spotfiller. Cheater. Grimey. Cheater. Bascially shit garbage all around.

Me ft10 for 100
Alex Garvin ft10 for 100
Eder ft10 for 100
Sindel ft10 for 100
Asian Demon ft10 for 100
Vercette ft10 for 100
Mixup ft10 for 100, but this one is optional since I know you’d rather top him off.

You get to pick the order you want to play us, but you have to play all of us.

Before you say you just want to play me, or why am I scared, I am still playing you for the retirement match for 500min, so me crying scary is not an option. You crying scary is not an option either. Either accept, or just shut up in any major forever. You don’t have to stop talking shit altogether, just …wait yea, if you lose, just stfu forever.

This is not a personal vendetta or attack, it’s just florida sick of your seat filling, nut hanging, cheerleading ass cheating.

If you win all of them, you get a 200 bonus.

Man ya’ll on some pro rasslin shizz…

Team Florida sucks…all of them…

From the Dark Prince Shitter: We’ll see you at Evo and settle it…oh wait, you’re banned from Evo.

see you there…:]

that’s great. looking foward to shitting on some flowers of evil.