Florida Gaming Winter Fest 2009: Dec. 19th Orlando, FL

[LEFT]Formaly known as Florida Gaming, the VSA (Virtual Sport Association) will have its 7th event kicked off in December. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Click here to take a look at the last event[/LEFT]

Street Fighter IV
Super Smash Bros. Brawl & Melee Heres the link to the Smash thread

[COLOR=gray]Saturday December 19th, 2009 [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT]Location: Orlando, FL
Ramada Orlando Celebration Resort & Convention Center[/LEFT]

[LEFT]6375 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Kissimmee, FL 34747 (407)-390-5800[/LEFT]

60/30/10 split[/LEFT]

Mandatory door fee: [COLOR=seagreen]$10[/COLOR]
Pot fee: [COLOR=seagreen]$10[/COLOR][/LEFT]


[COLOR=gray]All tournaments will be double-elimination; 2/3 matches; 3/5 winner’s/loser’s finals; 4/7 GF.[/COLOR]

[LEFT][COLOR=gray]This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller/Converter/Joystick) event. It is strongly discouraged that you share your stick/pad with anyone during the tournaments. The 3-min rule is strongly in effect, Meaning if you are called for a match and cannot report for it due to waiting on YOUR equipment, the losers bracket awaits you after 3 minutes. Also the SB/Momos staff is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment, so please KEEP a close eye on your belongings at all times. In regards to convertors for any system, we strongly advise EVERYONE to bring your own converter if your pad/stick requires it and to be cautious to lending out. We will not be providing them because they are rare and always come up missing.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The following rules apply:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]If the start button is hit or a malfunction with your equipment occurs, causing the game to pause or reset during a match within the first 5 secs, the match WILL be restarted. However if after that point then your opponent will have the opportunity to take the 1st win or reset the match, advantage or not.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Button mapping is allowed. Button macros are allowed (3P/3K). Program pads or right-analog-special mapping in BB is banned.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]**SFIV **- Winner keeps the same character.[/LEFT]
Contact Information:

Todd Greene

Updated info coming very soon![/LEFT]

Wow Im surprised no one has really gotten hype about this yet!

Big tournament in Miami this weekend; after that we’ll hype this.

Ill bring the Axe Spray again for the Brawl players.

No Marvel, No thanks.

the date is wrong in the subject line. At first I was like, WTF, Friday, Dec 18th? Just a note =)

…wtf? since when do tournaments allow this?

I will working with Florida Gaming to bring you another SF4/Fighting game event. I’ll be posting a full tourney thread later this week to take the place of this one.

Look for the addition of Tekken 6 on Xbox 360 to be added to the lineup.

Which consoles will SFIV and BB be played on?

All tournaments for fighting games will be on Xbox 360.

Thanks for the info.


is there any chance of having tekken on ps3 this will increase your turn out.

I know that Tekken is meant for PS3. And that I would rather run the tourneys for all games on PS3. But XBox 360 has always had bigger turn outs for games.

Now I know it’ll be different for ONLY Tekken 6. But unless enough people can donate Tekken 6 and PS3’s for the tourney, I’m afraid I’ll have to put it on Xbox 360.(I purchased the XBox version cause I needed a stick for Xbox and not ps3).

However I’m willing to bend on it just for Tekken 6 and put it on PS3 depending on demand for it. Will keep you posted in the coming months til the tourney.

Probably for the pad BB players…

Im excited that Alex is working with us again. GET HYPE people