Flippin the script - Trigger the soldier and Ambition


Hey yo,

I was going to post this on the forums.

I know this place has a spot for poems and creative writing. Why not a hip hop song?

Check it out…

What do you think?

Im Ambition by the way…

I wrote a street fighter song sometime back… If enough people like my recent song, ill post it.

Mad props to Trigger the soldier… Kid is real…

Ay man that was pretty good. Which one are you: the first or second on the track? I like the feel of the song and the back and forth instead of the hook/chorus separated verses.

Im on first and third. The style is fresh for what you hear on the radio all the time… Thanks a lot for the comment. Yeah, I made a street fighter related song sometime back, maybe I will drop it down.

^^^Good. I liked your voice and flow better then. The second guys voice was alright but it seemed a little more forced than yours. Post that other track up.