"Fliper do Chines" ST tournament, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, 11/16

This is a tournament with the objective of building a ST community in South Brazil. It will be my first time organizing a tournament and there are not many ST players in town, so this will probably be a small one. I believe, however, there will be enough players. More on my effort to create a ST fan base later, at some other topic.

These are the rules and location (please help me with suggestions if you see some BS):

Location: Vigrio Jose Igncio Street, No 500, Porto Alegre, Brazil ([&tipoZoom=ru&rdruas=checkbox&rdfotos=checkbox&img.x=226&img.y=262&apresEndereco=R+Vigario+Jose+Ignacio%2C+500±+Cep%3A+90020-110±+Bairro%3A+Centro+"]link](http://geo.procempa.com.br/cgi-bin/mapserv?map=%2Fprogramas%2Fapache%2Fhtdocs%2Fgeo%2Fmapa.map&imgext=177911.153470+1676296.297370+178546.153128+1676931.297028&imgxy=224.5+224.5&layers=ruas+nomeRuas+pesqRuasComNPar&mode=browse&item=CODLOGR&value=7878101&zoom=&codigo=7878101&numini=500&numfin=500&parImpar=p&recebeLogr=R+Vigario+Jose+Ignacio&recebeCep=90020-110&recebeBairro=Centro+&tipoLayer=1&backupLayers=ruas+nomeRuas+pesqRuasComNPar&fotosat=[fotosat))

Time: Sunday, 11:30


  1. The game is Super Street Fighter II: Turbo, from Capcom
  2. Best-of-three playoffs
  3. Contestants may choose ?super,? or ?old? versions of characters, but the match will not receive another chance of inputting the appropriate code, would they fail at the first time
  4. The secret character ?Akuma,? or ?Gouki,? is banned
  5. In case of a draw (i.e., drawed fourth round), the following tie-breaking criteria shall be observed;
    i) first match winner
    ii) second match winner
    iii) greatest number of round won
    iv) coin toss to be conducted by a tournament organization member
  6. At a given bracket stage, the winner of a match shall select the same character for the next match. In case of a draw (i.e., drawed fourth round), both players shall select the same characters
  7. Each contestant shall have 2 (two) coins ready for each stage they are summoned to participate in.
  8. Contestants shall keep their hands close to their controls. Would they hit the opponent?s hands or arms, put their hands between the opponent?s eyes and any part of the screen or, somehow, interfere with the opponent?s gameplay in a manner that is not part of the game, the opponent will be declared the winner of the given match
  9. This tournament shall have no prizes or entry fees

Inscriptions: streetfighter2_poa at yahoo dot com bot br

Best regards.

Since you’re asking for suggestions, I believe you should concentrate your efforts in advertising in local and brazilian forums, not SRK.

For starters, you’re throwing a small tournament with no prizes, so posting on SRK is IMO a waste. Also, from all I read South America has one of the biggest and better organized fighting game scenes outside of US and Japan, so you could easily gather local tips about how to run a proper money from tourney organizers who live close to you and may attend your event.

About the rules, don’t ever plan a tournament without a starting time scheduled. Also, check if you can arrange a freeplay mode with the arcade owner, since you’ll need his permission to use the machine for tourney purposes anyways.

Top tier advice from Preppy’s:


Thanks a bunch for the suggestions!

The fighting game scene here lacks SF2 because HF, super and ST cabs basically haven’t been seen. Many people don’t know about SF3, also, because there were no machines. People could only play Alpha games, years later the release, and still most would just play cross up games (SFvX, MvC, etc) instead. Many people “know” MK is better than SF. It sucks. Most people just play KoF, cos cabs are everywhere.

Unfortunately, the local owners do not wish to take any part in the tournament but by allowing me to use the machine for the competition until it is over. Free play session is a good suggestion, but it will not happen this time. In fact, the game has no free play mode. Perhaps, if things go well, I can negotiate 2 credits per coin challenge free* sessions for future events. It must be something that allows them to sell more coins than usual (the one willing to spend money to gather players together is me).

The link was most helpful. Particularly, I did enter, a Konami soccer game tourney once, and left because of waiting too many hours (around 4) until I could finally play, and they had no idea when I would play again. I was extremely disappointed, that day. I do not know the average time needed for best-of-three ST matches. If someone can post it here, it could help me a bunch. Anyway, I will try and get a couple of friends to play tomorrow so I can have an idea.

I have just advertised the tournament on a local forum, also.

*around here, we always ask the current player if he finds it a problem to be challenged. I do not recall the last time someone denied, tough.

Dude, you should do your research before speaking as a representative of your whole country. I know a few brazilians from SRK and on-line gaming and from what I can tell they would strongly disagree with you on your description of the scene. You should speak about yur neighborhood only if you’re not connected to the fighting game scene, which seems to be the case. Like the other guy implied, trying to run things alone may be negative to your tournament.

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I speak for the two Southern provinces in Brazil, where I lived. As for the scene, the knowledge people have about SF2 is, in general, very limited. I will stop playing if someone shows me that 5% of the players know that you can tatsu through projectiles with Ryu in CPS-1 (but WW), just to mention something obvious.

Edit: I can not get all those players to play the game I want. It is already understandable that, in general, people who enjoy long combos; emoish design (KoF, mainly); super jumps; long juggle combos; easily confirmable supers; grand, powerful and colorful supers, unpunished jump-ins, air block and such will not enjoy ST (or any SF2, for that matter). I must first find people who like the game itself.

You’re talking about casual players. Top players from any game often branch out and win even at games sometimes viewed as old and simple like some SF titles. JWong, Valle and Daigo are examples.

ST has a few players nowadays at SRK because it brought players from other games. The number of members who played ST competitively back in the day appears to be very small.

I disagree but I wish you good luck. Maybe you can try to advertise to the GGPO players and they may show up.