Flatulence during intercourse

what do you guys think of farting during sex, nasty or potentially good?

I’ll tell you what. There’s nothing worse than going down on a woman, and she rips a fresh one in your face without any warning.

But, if you’re resourceful enough, you can make the most out of a fart during sex. It’s easy. If a women’s spaghetti house is bumpin the neighborhood, you gotta go for anal. There’s no other feeling than having your dick farted on when you slam it in and out of her ass; the vibration from it knows how to please the right spots. Eventually, you’ll be bustin a nut like a fire hose. Apparently, women like the feeling too.

gets popcorn



Quality post in a quality thread.

To answer the question honestly if you like the smell of shit during intercourse then you are probably German, Brazilian, or gay.

flash collab.

you know which one.

I’m not sure if it could ever be potentially good, though everyone does it

Amazing thread

Vagina farts are the best farts.

Speaking of the last one, I remember Zulu posting once, some 8 or so years ago, about how he was eating another dude’s ass and caught a fart right in the mouth. Right about then I figured srk was a little fucked up and a whole lot crazy.

I was watching this chick with a huge ass getting pounded. The dude switched to anal and as he did she farted. You could hear it as clear as day. He didn’t go limp…

And neither did I.

oh yeah gurl, gimme dat chocklit

I have nothing to input. I’m just posting so I recieve updates on this glorious thread.

Last April right before I moved to San Francisco, I met a girl at a bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We got along and I managed to take her home for some fun. We get into it but notices I can’t get super hard. I had drank a lot for a Thursday but whatever, so I told her just give me a blowjob and she obliged. When I came I lost control and let a fart out. She was hammered and rolling so I don’t know if she noticed, but I sure did and laughed about it.

I’d tell him to stop so I can go out to the bathroom if that happens. Resume quickly. If I don’t, I’ll start laughing and ruin it. Because I’m that mature. :smokin:

I’ve got to say, Sisqo is getting better at this.

A tip of my hat to you good sir

You’re from florida aren’t you?

my cousins are

BRB this thread made me want to take a shit.



I knew a guy that told me one time he 69’d his ex, she sharted on his face and ended up getting pink eye.