Flash's Low 1 2 Flash Kick difficulties

I’ve been practicing Flashes low options and the the 1, 2, flash kick and it rarely comes out it’s a very strange timing.

could i get some tips, as well as some other popular low flash options.

Sorry if this is the wrong section i cannot find the flash thread.

There’s no timing required to cancel special moves in this game. You can input them as early as you want as part of the string, so if it’s not coming out, you’re doing it too late.

By the way, I know you said 1 2, but did you mean D1 2? You can’t buffer directional inputs like most games, so if you’re holding Down for 1 2 and rolling to Forward for the Lightning Kick, that won’t work.

yes i did and thank you, i thought that may of been the issue but u tried to not hold down and i couldn’t get it going, i guess ill keep at it.

damn this is still hard, any tips?

There’s no trick, you just do D1, D2, DF1 as fast as possible. You don’t need to time anything.

i know but i cant do it fast enough, so i try to do d1d2 and then let go and do df1, i refuse to use my fightstick for this game cuss it doesnt seem to need it all that badly plus i hate plugging it in and sitting up and bringing to friends and all that jazz.

You’re just going to have to practice, homie. In MK-style games, you just have to bang out the string into special as fast as you can.

damn, im missin my ssf4, oh well… makes me wanna drop flash lol its like his only valid low, right now im scrubbin it with l1l2l3