Fl mvc2/cvs2 tourney results

Here are some quick results. I got mad tests so I’ll post the full results Tues night.

MvC2 teams

  1. Team Rox (Trent(hand covering buttons at versus screen punk), Ben/BishidoHeat, Mike/Mixup)
  2. Team Gainesville (DBS/Erik, Will, Blaziniflo/Justin)
  3. Team Tally( MizterEd/Ed,Phil,Steve)
  4. Team Last Minute (Alex,John,Shina-shama/Rick)

Should’ve let Ed win one against us, then Mixup wouldn’t have run through our whole team.

MvC2 Singles

1.Take a guess (Mag/Storm/Cyc)
2. Erik (Sent/Storm/Capcom/Cammy/Ironman)(MSS)
3. Ben (Doom/Storm/Sent and sometimes OR in there somewhere)


  1. Trent (A-groove cammy/ibuki/nakaroru)
  2. John (C-groove rock/rugal/someone else)
  3. Mixup (P-groove Cammy/sagat/blanka)

Note: Trent had a real hard time winning this one.:rolleyes: :lol:

The Loser’s finals between Trixup and John had some of the gheyest keepaway turtling that I have ever witnessed. It was a sight to be seen.

Overall the turnout for this tourney wasn’t as good as we had hoped. Jax all sold out over scary costumes at IoA, and Adam, Eder, Jimmy were all stuck with a transvestite hooker in a reststop bathroom somewhere along I75, so they couldn’t make it. Ozzy and 2nasty didn’t have any ride (bums). But damn, the team tourament was one of the funnest tourneys I have ever played in. Of course arcade etiquette doesn’t allow shit talking between players, but damn if that stops your teammates and Trent from talking shit. We’ll do another one of these sometime mid-November, to prep for NEC depending on whose going. Until next time.