Fixing Loose Sanwa Balltop in a Modded Fightstick

Hi. This is probably a stupid question, but how do you make your Balltop not unscrewable (as easily).

Before modding it, you could rotate clockwise and counterclockwise and the balltop doesn’t come off. I used a flatscrew to hold the bar in place so that I could rotate the balltop off to put it into the case (Venom Stick PS4/3). After putting the stick into the case and putting the balltop back on, it became really easy to unscrew the balltop if you rotate counterclockwise.

Is there some kind of step/trick that I’m missing?

I’ve checked my Qanba Q4RAF (red/white) and tried to get the balltop to come off by spinning it clockwise and counterclockwise. This doesn’t happen.

Did you screw it back on tightly either holding the screwdriver in place and rotating the ball tightly? Or the other way around and holding the ball and turning the screwdriver?
You can use a thin layer plumber tape around the threads of the shaft before you screw the balltop in, or ghetto way is wood/school glue that I wouldn’t recommend, and more permanent/hard to remove way would be loctite on the shafts threads before screwing it in.

Hi. Hm. I’ll try that. I simply just put the balltop on and rotated it without holding the screwdriver in place. Will update on results when I attempt it later today.

Well that’s why it’s loose lol, you gotta tighten it back on with the screwdriver

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a single drop of loc-tite blue on the threads and tighten it.