Fixable Hrap ex pro?

Okay so I broke my Hrap ex pro today while playing ssf4 online. I got super mad and used a remote to jam in one of the buttons through the frame and also ended up messing up the stick a little. I just wanted some insight as to whether or not the stick is fixable.

The stick can move right and down and when I move it in those directions the stick clicks like normally. However it does not click when I move it up and to the left. What could be going wrong?

As for the button that got jammed into the frame. It was the B button (xbox 360). All of the other buttons work…

Any ideas as to what’s going on? I will take pictures in a bit.

Yeah, post a picture. I doubt that there is much that you could do to the thing that isn’t fixable. Maybe you broke the button… $2.95 replacement. Stick broken? Replacement stick is about $20. As long as the case and PCB isn’t damaged everything should be good.

Okay picture will be up soon but I stuck my finger in the hole where the B button goes and found this clicker thing with two prongs sticking out. There was a little tab that clicked, I didn’t know what it did but apparently it was the left joystick direction click thing. Is any of this new info helpful? How will I know fi the PCB is damaged? Thanks for the fast reply GohanX. I really don’t want to plunk another 100+ for a joystick.

DON’T RAGE! Last time I did I coincidentally messed up my Hrap Ex also but I threw mine. The joystick was only messed up a little though. Its probably only the button like stated earlier but a pic will def help.

Well, it would be very, very unlikely that you damaged the PCB. If your Pro is like my EX-SE (I believe they are identical other than buttons used) the PCB is tiny and in the back, so it is very unlikely that you damaged anything.

Just relax, I bet it’s an easy and cheap fix.

I try not to rage but playing as akuma online in ssf4 brings me major headaches. Seriously lag destroys this character. So effing frustrating to get somebody down to a sliver of health during a combo and then missing the finisher and eating an ultra. Ruins the day.

Here is my damaged stick. The button is sticking out and the other thing sticking out is the thing that controls the left joystick direction. Where do these things go? I will get inside pics of the joystick once I get the tools to open it up.

How the Microswitch for Joystick even get knocked out?

First, check to make sure your switch works. Simply press the little red button to see if you can move left. If it is fine, reassembly will be pretty self explanitory when you open it up and see the underside of the stick. You will need to remove the gate, it should look something like this:

You’ll just need to place the switch in the missing spot, put the gate on (the gate holds the switches in place) and you’ll be good to go. If you managed to break the gate, you may be able to replace it with a Sanwa gate, they will fit in the cheaper Hori sticks, I’m not sure what is in the EX Pro. Alternatively, now might be a good time to upgrade to a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick!

It looks like the button is broken. You can fit Sanwa or Seimitsu 30mm snap ins (or screw ins) there with no modifications needed. If you only want to replace the one button a red Sanwa snap in will probably be the closest to the stock Hori buttons. Like the stick, you may consider replacing all of the buttons while you are at it if you have some extra cash.

Price list from Lizardlick (from the top of my head, may be a little off):

Replacement gate: $5

Replacement Sanwa or Seimitsu stick: $23 (3 bucks more to buy a balltop)

Sanwa or Seimitsu snap ins: $3 each

The best part about have a stick that has standard arcade mounting is that fixing it is cheap!

Also, if you don’t use the bumper buttons much you can simply move one of those buttons to the B spot so you’d still be able to use it while you wait on the new button.

Alright thanks for all of the help guys! Since then I have fixed the problem but now am faced with some more problems. The controller will randomly shut off when I’m using it. Also the actual usb cord from the joystick ripped off from the base of the joystick. Is there anyway to fix this at all? If not, what is salvageable/usable from this fightstick?

lol, not at wongkey but myself.

this reminds me of when i was younger and i played sf2 against my dad on snes. his random moves beat my calculated and not-so-deadly precision. i raged :grrr:, went into the kitchen and bashed a cabinet, putting a small crack in it. I’m lucky my dad didn’t put a crack in my skull cuz of that. I learned not to rage after that but my dad still won’t play sf with me to this day =)

ps. i’m not trying to teach a lesson or anything, just an old memory that this brought back