Fitting CWB203A buttons into Madcatz SE Fightstick

I apologize if a thread already exists covering this. I did search and could not find it.

Does anyone know if it is possible to fit the Korean CWB203A buttons into a Madcatz SE SF4 Fightstick?

I understand they are a bit smaller.

Thank you!

Just tried fitting in a shitty stock Crown knock-off button from a Saulabi stick into a Madcatz case’s hole and it just fits over it. Very -very- loose fit. Maybe a rubber washer or something might make it more sturdy but it seems iffy to me.

Would test using an actual 203 but the only ones I have are soldered onto the pcb of the stick they’re in, but I think the Saulabi buttons are basically the same as far as measurements go.

I don’t think so. If they do, they’ll be loose enough to move around, which makes it pointless. The Korean CWB203C buttons MIGHT work, since they’re a screw-in, and the plastic ring fastener might give you close to the extra 3mm clearance you’ll need to lock it securely in place.

There’s also a “rubber nut” that you can purchase for the CWB203A, but it’s not nearly large enough to close the gap.

Screw ins will work, since the Crown buttons are smaller you’ll use them to lock them into place. Tighten them up good. I used to have iL buttons (28 mm) in 30 mm holes and kept them in place with the nuts since they’re all screw ins, and it was fine. If iL works there is a very good chance CWB203C will, since it’s 27 mm, which means a difference of .5 mm of space between the button and hole vs iL.

The “rubber nut” is just a rubber o-ring. It’s not a nut as such, but it provides friction to the underside of the panel, helping to keep the button secure.

I’ve no experience with these, but since they will cost you pennies from a hardware store it’s worth a shot.