First Weekend Tourney: March 6th

Because some peeps and friends in PSN asked for it, you got it!, some peeps doesn’t have enough time to play in weekdays, that’s why we have this kind of tourneys

Organizer: PSN: Philcito
Date: Saturday March 6th
Time: 7 PT, 8 MT, 9 CT, 10 ET
Format: 16 Players, Double Elimination
Chatroom: You will be invited to a PSN chatroom before the start of the Tournament

Signup: First 16 to signup are in the tournament. Anyone signed up after will be on a waiting list to fill in for noshows. Be prepared to fill in for a noshow. If you would like to participate in the tournament, you can be a Match Spectator. Signup via PM, post, or PSN.

Only for Anyone that can keep a constant PING connection of 0-130 against their specified opponent. (North America and Central America territory lol)



  1. You have to post your psn id, if you lose you can pick another character.
  2. Play with NO HONOR

Regular: 3 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches
Finals: 5 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches
Timer On
Speed 3
2 Man Private Room or 3 Man Private Room if w/ Spectator
Microphone OFF

Match Spectators

Match Spectators will be deployed in certain matches. Finals WILL have a Spectator. Players can choose to have a Spectator in their match if they ask for one. Please note that if a player asks for one, he/she might not be granted one due to the fact that one might not be available. A Spectator will not be present if both players choose not to have one.

I’ll start with myself

PSN ID: Philcito

  1. Philcito
  3. Rice247
  4. Mad Possum(madpossum)
  5. Hado-King
  6. Mithos(Rugalberstein)
  7. Flako2nd
  8. TecmoSuperBowl
  9. Str8Crazy87
  10. moshiden
  11. F.D.K(FDKArtist)


If you suspect someone of cheating, DO NOT call it out in the Tournament Chat. Doing so will get you disqualified. Send all reporting to the Tournament Organizers via PM.


LMAO at banning fninja. Great move! I like the idea of a weekend tournament for once. I’m game.

I’m down phil.

LOL at the ban list.

I actually requested for this night off of work but don’t think we are gonna end up doing anything. Put me on the “I might make it list” lol

On second thought, shouldn’t we reserve a space for fninja? He could easily “school” us all. I think we should allow him a venue to do so. I desperately need a good ass kicking.

2 things keeping me from confirming at the moment unfortunately Phil.

1.) I’m supposed to have a night shift for work that saturday. :shake:
2.) And… Rule #2 :angel:

Damn, sorry phil. I just realized im gonna be out of town that weekend at a hotel so I won’t be able to get on the ps3. Take me off the list. Next one.

I will try and make this one

Sign me up friend!

YESSS!!! As a matter of fact, we should host an fninja tournament! Where all fighters have to work their way up to finally fighting fninja in the end, like getting to shang tsung at the end of Mortal Kombat.:pray:

Awww I’ll be out of town that weekend. I’m not even sure if I’ll have a new PS3 by then either…

I can’t guarantee you that I will make it for this but add me just in case.

ok guys the list is updated.

I am in as well. moshiden is my psn.

sign me up too philcitoi

Sign me up too Phil. Hopefully more people sign up so this thing can happen.

I’m only signing up cuz I see Mad Possum signed up, and I got a score to settle with him. You can’t just pull your grab/cross-up shenanigans on me and think you can get away with it!!!


lol at tecmo post, hilarious comments…

I was about to cancel this thing, because we only had 4 or 5 players in the list, now things are getting better here.

Remember, This tourney is tomorrow, Str8Crazy87 wants to participate so he’s on the list.

i hope you can make it to this one bro…

and about rule number 2, you have no honor! lol, so what’s the problem? :slight_smile:


Good news though, put me down tentative because looks like I’ll be getting off early. crosses fingers :wink:

Oooh my Hauppauge PVR came yesterday too. If I could get on tonight, I’ll record some matches.