First Tournament Advice

Hey guys! I’m new here on SRK and I’m seeking advice. I have been playing SFV casually, but for the past few months I have been taking the game very seriously and have hopes of competing. I plan to enter into my very first tournament in March. I am training and learning as much as I can to be a real contender. I have recently gotten into studying frame data and I’m starting to understand match ups. Do you guys have any training advice for my very first tournament?

Wash your hands often, handshakes with loads of people = germs. Stick with fist bumps if possible. Get a good night’s rest and a decent meal (but not too heavy) before your matches. Tournament matches are very much unlike just playing casuals. If you actually go deep in the bracket (god forbid in losers) you’ll need your stamina.

In all probability you’re gonna get fucked up by people who’ve been playing longer than you. That’s ok, use the tournament to meet good players and get as much knowledge as you can.

Enter the tournament with a learning experience, Also dont expect too much From yourself or set goals like, Winning a certain way. Do your best and ask for feedback after the set!

You could also always go and play casuals at the venue before playing in a tourney for the first time too. That’s what I did for my first outing before I started entering the tournaments themselves.

Shower! Don’t be the con goer stereotype. Support your locals! Just because their is a bigger tournament a few countries(or states for some) does not mean you should ignore your locals if you have one. Meet people. This in my opinion should be the biggest priority because getting your tournament pass. Bringing your own controller should be obvious because if you do not have one you won’t be playing in the tournaments.
Above all you should have fun. Do your best but just take in everything when its your first time.

Go early to play casuals.

Be prepared to lose.

Ask questions win or lose. If you see something that messed you up, ask your opponent about it.

Shake hands or at the very least fist bump.


Talk to people…THIS CANNOT BE OVERSTATED but talking to people at tournaments give you friends in the community and gives you more incentive to go to events. Moreover, they’ll have your back and teach you the game.

@DiegoDoom If you don’t feel silly, and depending on the amount of peeps there, I would wear one of those face masks you see the Japanese wearing. It’s a known thing that you often get very sick after attending a tourney due to the amount of germs just in the air from different people (sometimes from diff countries). When I go to SoCal Regionals and EVO 2018 this year I’m gonna pick up a really good mask from home depot to keep from getting sick. Bring hand sanitizer as well as some clean wipes if you’re going to wear the headphones they have connected there to listen to the game as you play it. Clean off the earmuffs! Good luck dude and above all else have fun!