First Joystick, assistance greatly apreciated. (ps3/2?)

I have been looking for a joystick to buy for sf4 on the ps3 possibly ps2 compatible not as important, but have come to the conclusion that buying these parts 8 OBSF-30 Pushbutton, JLF-TP-8T Joystick, along with the Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board and making a custom case is a decent setup.

So my questions for you fine gentlemen is where do I buy these parts, what else would I need or are better, and would making a case be worth it or should I just mod a cheap ps3 hori fighting stick 3/ or any other reasonably priced stick?

I realize this Is a lot to answer but I really don’t know anything about this other then what I researched (barley anything) so thanks in advance for your help.

those parts are fine

idk about cthulhu

making a case/modding cheap stick is up to you.

Awesome, I was wondering though how do I get this connected to my ps3? that site doesn’t seem to have any usb connections, and to throw yet another question out (sorry) how much/type of wiring do I need?

A side note can you have both ps3 and ps2 input/outputs?

You’re basically have zero idea where to even start huh? ;/ You read the stickies yet? It’s quite an expensive and challenging path you’re going down. You not just looking for a joystick to play on? There’s easier ways to get your gaming than building a stick from scratch.

Amazon has 2 left from a 3rd party.


toodles is now offering cthulu boards with PS2 support check it out here:

22 or 24 gauge stranded wire are good choices for wiring and you’d need .110" quick disconnects, 2 per button is what you need but buy a couple extra and those can be found at the bottom of this page:

for the USB cable you need a male B to male A cable like this one

Yeah, I don’t care to much about the money, I just want a good quality stick that will last me a long time and not be some $50 piece that breaks. I’m pretty handy and know some machinist/carpenters so I got help, but what are these easier ways I’d love to hear about them.

The Hori RAP’s are considered top quality. They come with quality sticks, and the buttons can be upgraded to Sanwa/Seimitsu, but good luck either way. I’ve done what I can. Let us know how it turns out.


Since the Cthulhu or MC Cthulhu can take care of the electronics, your big hurdle will be the case. Modding a cheap hori stick like the HFS3 or wii stick can be done, that’s a whole crap ton of dremeling and work involved. As much as I’d like another Cthulhu user, your easiest path is probably a PS3 MadCatz SE stick. They should be available to buy locally, work on PS3 (but not BC PS2 games or a real PS2), the parts that come with are actually pretty good, and if you do decide to upgrade the parts later, swapping them out is a TON, a full cubic ass-ton, easier to do with no dremeling involved.

If you decide down the road to swap out the PCB for an MC Cthulhu, or dual pcb mod a playstation controller in, that will also be fairly easy to do with an SE, with plenty of room inside the box.

$70 now, mod as you go if you really want to without any power tools involved.

Thanks for all the Information I think I’m set. I’m amazed at how quick you all responded even at this time of night!! I’ll let you know how it turns out.